I placed the flats loaded with seed into the grow rack on Monday, in three days I have germination. I am germinating over (edit) 700 seedlings, it cost me less than a penny for the seed,. The retail value for the vegetable plants is around $400.00.

Shall we do the math on how much food these 400 seedlings will provide?

200 Cabbage plants, my average cabbage will weigh about 7-8  pounds. That would be about 1,500 pounds of cabbage. @ .92 per pound retail = $1,380.00

200 Broccoli plants, my average plant will yield about 2.5 pounds of Broccoli. That would be about 500 pounds of Broccoli. @ 1.74 per pound retail = $500.00

200 Cauliflower plants, my average plant will yield about 2.5 pounds of Cauliflower. That is about 500 pounds of Cauliflower. @ 1.26 per pound retail = $630.00

50 Tomato plants, my average plant will yield about 18 pounds of tomatoes. That is about 900 pounds of tomatoes. @ 3.16 per pound retail = $2,884.00

50 Red Cherry Pepper plants, my average plant will yield about 2.5 pounds of Peppers. That is around 125 pounds of Red Cherry Peppers. @ 2.51 per pound retail = $313.00

Pricing is Here:

Please keep in mind the prices I quoted…………..the Tomatos were the only item listed as Heirloom, all of my vegetable should be priced higher because they are Heirloom & Organic.

Total Retail Value of this crop after it is harvested: $5,707.00, these are ONLY the items I am germinating, it does not account for the seed I had sewn directly into the ground.

MY COST FOR THE SEED: Less than a penny. Get It? I hope so!

Total yield of the vegetables ( yes I am aware my figures are for a perfect season ) 3,525 POUNDS of Vegetables, please keep in mind this does not include everything else already growing in the garden. How many pounds of onions will I yield from almost 1,000 onions?

My neighbors run from me during harvest time, as soon as they see me driving down the dirt road the doors get bolted shut and the blinds get zipped down and the curtains get drawn. This is slowly changing, I am involved in helping multiple families plant and raise their own food this year. It really is a phenomenal feeling.

I can literally germinate and plant hundreds of thousands of pounds of vegetables for pennies.

There are almost 600,000 seeds in a five-pound sack of Cabbage seed. This would equate to 4,800,000 pounds of harvested cabbage. My cost per pound for the cabbage $.0000104. Get It? I hope so!

And the Rack cost me less than 300 bucks.


9 thoughts on “Gardens

  1. Right on! I need to get off my ass and get the pit greenhouse built. I hope to barter for the digging in the spring. everything else is cheap. Then I can grow year around even in this zone (5)

  2. 4,800,000 pounds of cabbage? I’m not sure what the official conversion rate is but, my own experience is that you would end up with enough methane to power the generators for grow lights for at least 100 years.

  3. Hey Bill
    I was wondering if you could do me a favor…I travel a lot and I know you have truckers that read your site also…If you could make up a flyer for your business that we could print out and tack up at all the feed and tack stores that we come across… Unless you are too busy for any new business:-) Thanks

      • I’ve just seen a posting board at places and thought that would be a good way to get your name out…As soon as you get it done I will start tacking them up..Ill to Ill…

      • Yeah, make the downloadable version, I’ll print some and tack them up at the co-op, at Big R, anywhere there’s a bulletin board.
        Miss V

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