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  1. Do you have a credible source the cops involved in the illegal acts are members of Oath Keepers?

    Do you expect the organization to come out every time an atrocity happens (almost daily) and scream that if the cops followed their oaths such events wouldn’t happen? Perhaps they believe they would alienate more cops than attract new members who could help influence such departments.

    What do you expect them to do? Walk on water, initiate public rage, condemn cops they have no affiliation with nor control over?

    You keep saying there will be a fight. I agree, although I don’t know who will start it nor where it will happen. Are volunteering to start it either verbally or physically since you keep warning of it? Or are you sitting back criticizing others because they’re not leading the fight you seek and aren’t operating according to your concept of how they should operate while limiting your fight to pounding your keyboard?

    Talk is cheap — on both sides of the disagreement.

    • David you stated I keep saying there is going to be a fight, can you please provide the back up? I would appreciate it. I would wish no man to walk on water…. rather live up to the oath they took.

      Criticizing……………. no. Spreading the truth! If you do not like my message and my delivery……Might I show you the door? I have been kind to you thus far.

      • The last line in this post stated, “There will be a fight!” I’m sure that if we checked back through many of your previous posts we would find the same sentiment repeated — I’m not putting words in your mouth.

        “I would wish no man to walk on water…. rather live up to the oath they took.”

        I agree with you. My question is why do you hold an organization dedicated to getting more military and LEO to join and honor their oaths responsible for the actions — in the above case, one asshole cop (others tried to help and console) — when they have no influence over the actions?

        “If you do not like my message and my delivery……Might I show you the door?”

        I thought this was an open forum where honest opinions were welcomed in order to explore various aspects of differences. If I was wrong, just say the word and I’ll leave wishing all vios con dios.

        • David if you are going to state that I have done something…….Please back it up! Yes it is an open site, yet you have a strange way of showing respect in my home……get over it. We can agree to disagree, yet you have a funny way of doing it in my house with respect.

          I would warn of underestimations…… Please do not confuse schedules and laziness in regards to posting replies to comments. I WILL not argue ad nauseam in the comments section, it’s a waste of time and futile.

          I will tell you this, there are many who visit this site that agree with my perspective……….. You happen to disagree; I am OK with this, as long as you are not disrespecting me….. Go ask Vanderboob how it worked out for him. Underestimation is a weakness, again please provide back up to your claims. It’s rather simple!

          • I don’t know what claims I made that need verifying (other than the “fight” claim as noted above). I’m of another view about the role of the Oath Keeper Organization and their effectiveness than you hold and I was simply stating my disagreement and the underlying reasons for such disagreement.

            I’m not disrespecting you in any way. I would like to know what you expect of the Oath Keeper organization since you seem to be continually ridiculing them in a manner consistent with this post where you seek some type of response to the police brutality incident you referred to. That’s why I asked what do you expect of them? What are they doing — or not doing — that leads you to hold them in such a bad light?

            If you feel that I’m disrespecting you in any way I do apologize. That is not my intent. I’m only seeking to understand your position. But the way you keep tying Oath Keepers to Vanderbough (sp?) I am suspicious that some of your disapproval may be politically based. Oath Keepers should stand or fall on their own efforts, not any loose affiliations they have in the community. While I would like them to be much more successful with a larger segment of the LEO community I also understand that it’s a hard road they travel with many obstacles in their way.

    • David Foreward,


      I don’t want to pick a fight. I want to be articulate and respectful. All I ask is an organized campaign by oathkeepers to attempt to educate LEO’s about abusing citizen’s and violating their civil rights.

      I believe that the even the worst dirtbags deserve Constitutional rights. Let the courts figure things out.

      • I agree with your sentiments and also wish that there was more of a direct campaign to educate LEOs. However, the fact of the matter is that many departments will punish an individual LEO if it’s known that they are a member of Oath Keepers as it is deemed working against the ‘best interests of the department.’

        Also to be considered is the fact that you can divide and force people away from your goal by getting in their face and challenging their beliefs and behavior without first gaining some respect. If you walk up to a bully and challenge him on his behavior he’s going to at least resent and ignore you, or most likely, start taking out his anger on you — either way you end up having no influence on him whatsoever.

        One might also consider that many people aren’t mature enough to have someone disagree with them on how things “should be” and cut off communication before a complete exchange of ideas or ideology can take place. The Obamanation is a perfect example of this attitude — disagree with him and you’re exiled.

  2. SJCO,


    I don’t understand how can a LEO abuse a person knowing there are camera’s everywhere???

    Let’s see….

    camera’s everywhere.
    An abused lady with the name’ Feuerstien (probably a very well educated individual)

    can you say “Large out of court settlement”

    that LEO that threw her into that concrete bench is going to jail and he will be working at “IHOP as a short order cook” in six months with the help of his PO (parole officer)

    Where are the oathkeepers when you need them…..


  3. Hi David,

    I have one major beef with the OK, re: the following video:

    5:14: listen to the reason Stewart gives for being there. “We are not here to criticize, condemn or persecute the individual deputies on the Pima County Sheriff’s department … ” and then goes on to promote his personal LEO cronyism.

    20:00: they give her an OK T-shirt.

    Really? A freaking T-shirt?

    They used this poor woman as a prop in a membership drive.

    Granted, they later go on to criticize the POLICY, but not the police thugs themselves (I cannot spit the word “officer” out of my mouth in this context).

    All POLICY is implemented by PERSONS, which is presumably the entire point of the Oathkeepers organization. This nifty rhetorical sleight-of-hand is disgusting.

    I don’t even expect the worker bees to expose themselves by making waves on the job. I would much rather they stay in place to be our eyes and ears than to be sidelined as we are long past the “fix it” stage.

    Further, my criticism isn’t about what I think Stewart or OK SHOULD do. It is about what they DID. They didn’t have to do anything, but they chose to use her as a prop, and the head man himself had a prepared speech where he wouldn’t tip his hat even the slightest about potential wrongdoing.

    And now we see the settlement. Good for her, but it isn’t nearly enough. I encourage Stewart to do the right thing here and call for prosecutions, at the MINIMUM, of the individuals caught on tape gleefully leaping into the doorway, clearly in no fear for their own safety, to get in their shots for later bragging rights.

    So we are left with the issue of the OK militia drive. Some applaud this, some are wary of it. I personally think it is a good thing, and here is why:

    Show up at the OK militia drives, and look around the room, probably near the back, for the growing look of WTF on the faces of the grim and determined, then peel them away once they have had enough.

    Stewart wants to run a membership drive? Fine. Then he might as well run it for your own militias…


    • Tom –

      I agree with you that the situation was bungled. Although they did criticize the policy in general, I believe they nuanced the entire episode way too much in order to not drive potential recruits away from their efforts. I would imagine that they were also leery of being too forceful and totally alienating the offending department to a point where management would forbid members to even associate with members, let alone become a member.

      By necessity they walk a fine line between activism and just watching, reporting and influencing. Like you said, it’s better to have them in place for intel purposes than to be shut off from a reliable source within the enemy camp. While recruiting they have to state what they stand for and against without alienating the rank and file to such a degree as to prevent making further inroads into the respective department.

      As for their ‘militia drive,’ I’ve worked with some local LEO Oath Keepers in my area. The teams we helped establish decided their own membership and general rules to be followed. We provided the training that even the, as you put it, “the grim and determined” often have a hard accessing — at least accessing competent training. The LEOs, while all ex-military, concentrated on urban awareness, including how to safely interact with the police if necessary. Other members of the training team included two retired SFOD-D who concentrated on the technical aspects. Not once did we ever even suggest that the teams should join Oath Keepers. Their only allegiance should be to their team members and the families of the same. Hopefully, that’s how the national organization is structuring their ‘militia drive’ efforts.

  4. I’ll buy the “Oathkeeper” bullshit when I start seeing them on the news without fear, putting their fellow LEO on the carpet for their deeds of bullshit like this. Just once, would it hurt to send a certified letter showing some of these Oathkeeper fundraisers and cheerleaders calling out and speaking directly to flagrant assholes by their birthname, telling them that what they are doing to non-violent citizens is fucked up and will not be tolerated any longer? Have yet to see it. Until then, I don’t need them, don’t want them, and could care less about words. Keep the donations rolling in though, they have a Jeff Earnhardt NASCAR to plaster their bullshit all over.

    • ^^^^^^ This times a 1000.

      I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the “Oathkeepers” to put one of their own on the carpet. Gotta protect and serve that “thin blue line” above all else.

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