Feeling Irrelevant?


No I will not throw shit on the good men that went to DC, nor will I kick Vanderboob in the nutsack all day today……. Yet he deserves at least one good morning sack jolt. Shame on you Mike, that is all I will say. You are a petty, classless man! Go crawl back under your rock.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Irrelevant?

    • Cav,

      It’s what he did not say. He cited Breitbart and the Blaze, with no mention of the 111 members who were front and center. Hell the Blaze was using one of CA’s pictures and tweet for their coverage yesterday. The merry leader was far too busy at the gun show touting it as the “last bastion of free people”

      I hope he made more than the 30 pieces of silver.

      • Most likely he did profit from another sale of his soul.
        God knows, my people do it all the time, as slavish FSA
        recipients joyously celebrating an ingnorant ghetto mindset
        and life.

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