6 thoughts on “Your Mother….Your Wife? Your Sister?

  1. SJCO,


    Yeah’ Im getting sick and tired of hearing stories like this that are also on the increase too.

    Whats it going to take for this stuff to stop…..set up teams of people that go after and ruin the reputations of LEO’s and former LEO’s on the web and in their respective communities, kinda like getting the “sex offender” label but a ‘Constitution offender” label. Set up a database with names and addresses and offenses committed with a “warning to stay away” from “Constitution Offenders” in your area.

    I propose that if something like this was initiated that it be used with great care and only “convicted LEO’s and ‘convicted Oathkeepers” and ones who are “fired via internal investigation” show up on the list.

    this could be a form of electronic and psyop warfare.

    We could call it “LEO busters”

    I know I may ‘take a lot of heat’ for even coming up with this idea and putting it out on the web. I want everyone to know that I have worked with many LEO’s in removing several meth labs in my neighborhood and just about every LEO I worked with has been fair and professional. Some were outright lazy, by for the most part, most LEO’s have been professional.

    I want to go after the convicted and fired ‘bad apples’ and see that a civilized Constitutional society becomes aware of their existence.

  2. God damn motherfucking PIGS. I would take great pleasure in sending as many of them to hell as I possibly could. Nuremberg, motherfuckers. Remember that. Still applies….

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  4. The badgemonkeys are doing this because their handlers tell them to do so.
    It’s part of the plan to intimidate and condition people into quietly submitting
    to any and all abuses perpetrated by the power holders and their hired thugs.

    Want these abuses to stop? Hunt down and execute the thugs. Shoot them in their
    car on the way home. Slit their throat while they are sitting in a theatre. Run them
    down in a parking lot…..how they are brought to real justice is irrelevant. But as
    long as they are not stopped by force they will continue to wield force….with the
    assurance that the system will never punish them. Till they fear punishment from
    “we the people” not only will it continue it will get worse.

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