The rock continues to spin, doom has been placed on hiatus. I find it rather humorous that so many of the preppers raise alerts and make claims time and time again…. only to be wrong each and every time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not pretty out there, yet we are still a long ways from having to bring the Tomato Plants in.

For the moment I am more concerned with these types of actions………


This is not good……………..



I suppose if the lawyers and the politicians green light this, there are other ways of stopping it.


2 thoughts on “Water

  1. SJCO,


    My family is originally from South Eastern New Mexico and were cattle ranchers. My great grandfather was a retired judge and he and his son fought the “water laws” in New Mexico for many, many years as small time cattle ranchers.
    One of the things about “water rights” in New Mexico is that if you can not afford to pay for the ‘right to use your groundwater” another neighboring rancher could ‘buy your water rights” from the state and you could only use the ground water (well water) for your household uses only.

    The larger land owners in New Mexico won out in the 1920’s through the present by purchasing the water under “your land” In New Mexico, even if you own the mineral rights to your land, your water belongs to the state.

    In Texas we have “right to capture” After what my family went through, I will champion the right of the property owner to capture as much water as they want. Now I can concede on curtailing industrial uses of ground water on things other than farming and ranching.

    I come from West Texas myself and living in the desert, conserving water is a necessity (even if you own a well)
    I recommend using rain water catchment systems that are very successful for gardeners in the desert. In Terlingua, Texas there is a guy who is living “off the grid” and uses rain water for everything except drinking. I recommend his site thefieldlab.blogspot. I have been out to the field lab twice already. This guys name is John Wells and his is a ‘like minded individual’

    I used to go to Big Bend National park frequently (which is near Terlingua, Texas) but the Border Patrol (DHS) is getting more aggressive every year so I will never go back. I stay away from “Gestapo” whenever I can.

    There are a whole lot of people in deserts that are survivalists/preppers that learn unique and interesting ways of making small amounts of water work for them. Some of those techniques I think can be used in wet weather regions in times of drought.

  2. We are surrounded by an unseen world of water: furniture, houses, cars, roads, buildings.. Practically everything we use and make needs water. Water, food and energy are sides of the same triangle. Shrink one side and it affects the other two. People take for granted just how lucky we are to have the natural resources that we do at our disposal. Not that I am a fan of them by any stretch of the imagination or anything, but according to United Nations figures, nearly 900 million people worldwide do not have access to clean water, and more than 2.6 billion people do not have access to basic sanitation. Let that sink in. Water = LIFE. With the technology that Uncle Sugar has to manipulate the jet stream, create and steer storms, and turn the rain off and on where they want, it is not looking good for us irrelevant serfs. Learn a few primitive skills in regards to water purification and retention that will help you get through when you need it. It couldn’t hurt.

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