Voting and such


I might jump around a tad bit today…….. I suppose self promotion is a good thing if you are in the business of being a Merry Leader, after all business is good these days and the cash register is ringing non stop. I did get a good belly laugh at the ” Insert Me here” to make it seem as if he was part of the story he was linking to.

Craig and I had a few minutes to discuss Merry Leaders over the weekend, seems the logic of Local, Local, Local is just that! I am well aware of the “Big Picture” So is the bullhorn guy, I suppose the mob bosses in the Patriot Community still have their hands out for their pittance, after all is owed to them………is it not?

I don’t claim to be the wise old owl in the room, same players, same game and the hands are still extended. No I am not in the mood this morning for sack kicking, I have a huge disdain for most folks…. awake or sleeping. I have written much in the regards to the human condition….. in one ear and out the other.

I stated in the past that the Liar Keepers are here for good, I honestly believe this. I also understand the coming transformations within the group will be very painful to many. A coup will take place in Oath Keepers, the hands guiding the helm will change…… force.

Yes I am aware many of the Oath Keepers do not like my politics, thing is I can’t wrap my mind around their version of an OATH, we must be living on two separate planets, or my dictionary was written by aliens. I am sure there are a few peace officers who live by the oath they took. What do I know? I will have to ask my three readers.

I do know that a few have been interviewed by the DHS, seems odd. I can’t really get into too much of the drama. I read something from Mayor McCheese recently that we were going to vote the scoundrels out of office soon……. imagine the look on my face?

Voting………..Can you see my smirk?

Oath Keepers………. Can you see my smirk?

Police deploy four sniper teams in downtown Keene NH for Pumpkin Fest


3 thoughts on “Voting and such

  1. What the hell!?! Sniper teams for a pumpkin festival? Were they expecting one of the pumpkins to be a high value target of some sort? I noticed at our fall festival here in WV this year, there was much more of an armed police presence than previous years. Even had one ask my buddy and I, nicely I might add, to conceal our guns as not to scare folks by walking around armed.

  2. Police have to show themselves to the sheep at ALL events. The idea is to keep the subliminal awareness of their presence deeply esconced in the sheople psyche. Plus, they’re being paid mucho taxpayer dinero, to boot. Its to remind us all of how much we ‘need’ them.

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