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Business as usual, I was finally able to get my hands on some sugar cane. We will be planting it this weekend. I do have access to more.

There seems to be some confusion…………….. Sam K is a big boy and he does not need me to carry his water. The so-called dissention in the ranks is not necessarily a bad thing, it roots out agitators and allows for many who lurk to make up their own mind.

If things get hot and dirty……. I find it comforting to know and understand who shares my same views and beliefs, I DO NOT want to find out when things get shitty. I know who has my back and who would thrust a dagger in it. Without a dust-up from time to time how on earth would a person know?

I present my politics and my view points, I also have a full comprehension of those that despise my outlook and my reporting……. as I stated it is good to know NOW and not later, it probably might save my hide in the future.

In regards to ” The Cap in my Ass”  as I said it is good now to know who my political enemies are. I am NOW informed in regards to any inherent future dangers. Business as usual.

When and if things get shitty………… is not the time to figure out who your political enemies are. Root them out now! You are not guaranteed that everybody in the community thinks or acts like you do.

16 thoughts on “You are not guaranteed

  1. Right on! I stay out of most of the “in fighting” because I don’t know what going on not being active in the…. whatever you want to call it. That said, I don’t see you backstabbing folks and I don’t get e-mails begging for money from you. You all got MY back with your prices. That is all I caan say!

  2. I’m not at all concerned about folks behind me. They are either support troops bringing up the rear, or cowards unable to come at my face. Only those coming at me from the front get my attention. To date, not a one has come from the front. I have given my name, address, SSN to those who might have wanted to come at me. I have given them specifics on how my side of the operation runs. Not one has been able to do anything more than piss into a headwind and whine a bit.

    At current count, there are 3 companies actively using the III Trademark on their firearms and firearm accessories. One of them is legal to use it. Both of the others have been asked nicely to stop. After a fashion, both have either said ‘no’ or ‘screw you’. Both are being contacted by very expensive people. Both are going to pay very expensive people very large sums of money to fix their error in judgement. (I saved all of my communication with these 2 companies….wonder if they did?)

    In the end, one possible result will be 2 US companies taking very large losses because of not listening to the facts. But I would settle for those folks seeing the light, stop what they are doing, pay the legal eagles on both sides, issue an apology and continue their business in a legal manner.

    “I” would settle. But I’m only the licensed Trademark user. I am one owner. Not the ownerS. The ownerS have much different ideas towards protection of the Trademark. Several dozen folks donated to that cause, that OWN this Trademark, and trusted a few to keep their best interests in mind. Several dozen folks want to see this fixed. Right Fucking Now.

    I’m only hoping that the person who egged at least one of them towards their illegal activity has nothing left for their family to weep over. This type of detritus needs to cleansed permanently.

  3. “I have given my name, address, SSN to those who might have wanted to come at me.”

    Your ‘ Come at me bro’ approach really isn’t very smart. In fact, it’s sorta juvenile.

    Nevertheless, even if you win, an trademark dispute over a Roman numeral can be tied up in the courts for years at little expense to the defense by filing time (and lawyer’s hours) consuming motions. Oh, sure, you may well win, but it’s going to cost you a lot, and them next to nothing comparatively. As well it’s not going to help you sell product or be successful in any way.

    And what I find most interesting is someone preparation fro WROL by becoming at very least psychologically dependent or ROL. for little gain other than a ego massage.

    Damages you say? Pfft. There won’t be much if any. It will be up to YOU to prove any actual losses, and the defense may well present you with a bankruptcy filing and a middle finger.

    Your opponents have fished you in, and their hook is firmly set in your jaw. The fishermen aren’t very bug, but the fish is small.

  4. Steve,

    To help inform you, it isn’t the Roman numeral that is in question, after-all that has been used on a US coin. The fact, whether you want to believe it or not, is that particular symbol (Roman numeral III) being specifically Trade Marked as pertaining to firearms. Find me some person, or company, who has “specifically” and legally, applied to use III in the same way. I would venture to say you will find no such example BEFOREHAND.

    I stated on the other thread that Trade Marks (as well as Patents and Copyrights) follow specified legalities and are very strictly enforced.

    Proper disclaimer; My wife has been involved in the IP field of law for over thirty years and has seen what happens when people or Companies “cross the legalities and boundaries) If you think that damages are a pittance or minimal, I have a bridge to sell you to Hawaii. Companies, especially small ones, have been bankrupted/destroyed over this so called “juvenile approach”.

    • Your point is irrelevant Bill.
      I’m sure somebody, somewhere put “III” on a firearm before somewhere, whether they can prove it or not. But hey, opportunism is the American way no? It really doesn’t matter that “III” has a deeper meaning when you can use it to sell stuff right?

      If your wife is in IP law, she well knows how high the costs can mount before a trial, if it ever occurs, takes place. You can spend megabucks on discovery. More on depositions, motions to continue etc. And the VAST bulk of that will be spent by the plaintiffs. The defendants can keep it bottled up and costing the plaintiffs big bucks, on the cheap, for years.

      And that IF nobody challenges the trademark’s legitimacy to the PTO.

      The real question is if the owners of the trademark as it currently is issued stand to gain or lose from enforcing it against those with very shallow pockets, or they simply have various personal axes to grind. It’s increasingly clear that the potential plaintiff’s are deep into the latter. If they are willing to pay up to get nothing in return but some sort of a sense of redemption via vengeance, then by all means have at it, A good lawyer, would wait for a potential defendant with actual money to show up.

      But let’s face it. The fort builder and his associates are less interested in advancing their notions of the future than sticking their thumb in the eye of one old man.

      They fail to concentrate on their stated central objectives, engage in a lot of chest beating and bad-assing. They are willing to expend resources and time for no real gains, but hey, their egos have been pricked so it’s game on.

      • Steve,

        No the point pertaining to this is not as you call it “irrelevant”.

        There is a huge difference between an “individual” inscribing a III and a Company advertising such on an item to be commercially marketed. I can inscribe or paint or do whatever to any item I own, as long as I do not do it for commercial purposes/gain. As an individual, I can put whatever I want on anything I own, so long as I make no attempt(s) to “sell” it based on whatever happens to be on said item.

        “If” does not even enter into the equation, there is no “if”.

        On your other points; you do realize that any and all of the costs will be placed on the losers, right? Another point, pertaining to litigation (which is what this would pertain to), there are more lawyers than you may think who work on either a contingency basis depending on how strong the case happens to be, or Pro Bono. Most firms, especially the larger ones, actually have time/money allocated just for this purpose. Good PR and all of that shit. As to the “Legitimacy of the Trademark”, you do realize that is why very serious and comprehensive “searches” are done before they are ever granted, right?

        So called “egos” and “redemption/vengeance”, have nothing to do with the integrity of a Brand.


        • Fair enuf Bill, but I have followed kerodin and kids for awhile now, and I think i can ascribe motives that have nothing to do with protecting trademark rights or making money.

          You have to remember, the rhetoric they use when the cameras aren’t running is something else altogether. I can’t judge Mr. Miller objectively because he hasn’t been out front very long or very much. He’s made some statements that parrot the kerodin line, which are disturbing generally, because of the person they mimic, a person responsible for unseemly stuff like this:

          The person that put that crass and vulgar commentary has problems that run no further than that which can be contained by his own skull. So Mr. Miller ought to think that over. He can keep the association without adopting the mentality.

          We I his attorney, unless say Colt of the Freedom group decided to infringe, I would advise him to concentrate on his product rather than instant reaction to every real and perceived trespass.

          Without having handled any personally, it would appear Mr. Miller’s products are second to none. But I seriously doubt that pursuing any legal action on a trademark claim against small potatoes firms that reresent no real competition is actually a productive business move. And i find it amusing that Kerodin (dba) is fanning the flames for such a waste of time and money, using a system he probably otherwise decry as fascist.

          • Steve: I will attempt to follow Bill Ford’s lead in tone. I’ll probably fail before I’m done, I have a hard-wired FU response. But I will give it a genuine shot.

            You point out my Failed & Diseased Soul post on Mike. Yet, you ignore the many, many posts put online by Mike leading up to my rebuttal. Without a shred of evidence, he accuses me of being everything from an ATF snitch to a current and ongoing fraud and criminal. I usually permit at least 4 of his posts before I respond. When I respond, I go hard. Facts do not matter to Mike.

            Mike has tried to undermine everything I do in the community, from radio ads to helping get the ball rolling for III Arms and the Citadel, and everything in-between. There are dozens of examples, none of which worth re-living here.

            In regards to III Arms, a company in which nearly 50 III Patriots chose to entrust money to me to build a firearms company and direct that company to build the Citadel. Mike has, since day one, tried to destroy that effort, regardless of the harm that would be done to those other Patriots. He does this because of his personal hatred of me. I think most can agree that is simply unacceptable. It is divisive, for personal reasons. I refuse to let him hurt the ambitions of fellow Patriots.

            Today I stand very proud that despite his many, many attempts to destroy III Arms, which includes campaigns involving mainstream media, and under-handed attempts that need not be recounted here, that Jim Miller is building firearms and delivering them to Patriots who believe in the values of the III. Profits from that endeavor are tagged for the Citadel – just as I promised to do. We were invited to the Glenn Beck television show as a result of that success.

            I do not profit in any way financially from either of these efforts. My wife doesn’t take a salary. Jim doesn’t take a salary. Even now there remains a small bit of the original investment capital in the bank for that program. We did what we set out to do, with help from many, many people.

            Citadel: A small parcel is owned and other Patriots are moving into the area to support the Citadel principle – a place where Patriots can trust their neighbors. Not one dime of that money has made it to my pockets. Again, no salaries. But the work is getting done.

            We have run radio ads for the III. We have advertised on very popular sites for the III. We have, as noted, been featured on Beck, for the III. My wife and I have endured a metric ton of attacks from inside MBV ranks while we accomplish III goals. I have spent my own money and time to travel the country and help train Patriots in CQB skills. As a result my financial situation is not where it would be if I walked away from the Liberty fight and just took care of my own.

            All of Mikes vitriol for me as a “Bad Person”, and yet no one challenges his hypocrisy of deriding government entitlement spending while he accepts millions of taxpayer dollars to keep himself alive from the cancer that is eating his body. He justifies that by claiming he paid into the system – but he never paid into the system millions of dollars – he is the very parasite he rails against.

            Mike went to Red Dot and convinced them to begin using the III trademark owned by III Arms company in an effort to dilute the effectiveness of Jim Millers work. That is not patriotic, that is divisive, mean spirited, and decidedly motivated purely by his hatred of me. Yes, I will do all I can do to prevent him from hurting the Patriots involved. Trademark law is clear, and I have no problem fighting, whether face to face or in the courts. No, I do not consider courts “fascism” when settling disputes between citizens – it is civilized. The alternative is to start cutting throats – not civilized.

            Bottom line – I have lost a LOT of money working for Liberty. I have endured groundless attacks from Mike and his minions – they like to claim I am a “fraud” and money-grubber – yet they have never, once, offered a single bit of proof for any of their accusations. I have not been indicted by a single agency of the government, there is not ONE SINGLE complaint online by a customer who has actually dealt with me who claims I did them wrong – because I am not stealing or lying or defrauding.

            I sleep well at night, because I know what I do and what I have done are net gains for Liberty. I will even endure unfounded assertions of wrongdoing from people like Mike.

            What I don’t understand is why so many people, such as yourself, don’t ask Mike to prove even one of his assertions about me. If you are a principled person, apply those principles and ask him for just one shred of real proof – not conjecture, not speculation, not his “hunches” – proof.

            Ask him, and see if you get proof, or a handful of smoke.


            • I don’t know MV, except by what he writes and says. Like you, he has certain resentments. But I hardly would view him as some sort of threat to your plans. In my estimation he views III as an ideology, not to be trifled with by mere business. And I don’t think anyone can honestly say he’s not out there, engaging the enemy.

              So, someone has managed to gain trademark rights to an idea that transcends actual ownership? Well yeah, in this case i think so. Well played on managing that, but it’s going to be more trouble than it’s worth, if for no other reason than we are just about out of time for such nonsense.

              You are entitled to operate as you are, but he is also entitled to have views on those operations which may not suit you. Welcome to the way things usually work. I would see a trademark suit being about as effective as a suit for defamation in this case. Which is to say both would be equally costly and bear no fruit. Just like taking out a domain name for a one page insult. That’s a little peculiar.

              As to history, everybody has some. He has his, and you have yours. I have mine. We all have to live with it. We can hardly be surprised when someone brings it up.

              • Steve,


                This situation isn’t what I would have chosen, but it’s the one we have. As Donald Rumsfeld said about Iraq, you go to war with the army you have, not the army you want. And this is what we have.

                In the past, I’ve raised many of the same objections that you have. Ask Sam. Ask Bill. And you know what? The world has continued to spin on its’ axis. Vanderboegh has his points; so does Sam. Neither is 100% right, nor is either 100% wrong. For us it represents choice, since nobody has yet shown me which way is the right path, having differing philosophies (and therefore actions) is to our benefit. And bear in mind that having separate (even hostile) camps will force FedGov to defeat us in detail, which means that FedGov will be obliged to split their resources since they have a finite number of JBTs that they can deploy.

                Concentrate on your PT, gather your preps, and watch your six.

                All this will resolve itself (or it won’t) and it assuredly will do so on its’ own time. Pushing, hollering and shoving won’t get you anything but tired.

              • Steve – here is where your history regarding MBV is a tad incomplete. You mention he is “above making money” off the III? You are mistaken. He tried to merchandise III products years ago, and failed (as usual) And, he did it for personal gain. When I sell IIIGear, every flippin’ penny goes into radio ads, print promotional material, and other measures. No salary. I have a job for income. And every time he holds his hand out for charity, he is capitalizing on his following in the III, for personal gain.

                But, no worries. As Peter said below (or above, not sure where wordpress will put this reply) – we go with what we’ve got. You say Mike is engaging the enemies? You forget he was one of those enemies, he was, by his own admission, installed into the “secret” part of his communist organization to further his work (like taqiyya) and there is no record from any third party who was in that group with him saying Mike quit, or was kicked out. Hmm…

                Anyway, you do your thing, I’ll do mine, and Mike will do his. I truly believe Good wins over Evil, so I will not have MBV in my future.


  5. Peter,


    Well said Sir, and so simple to understand.I couldn’t agree more with this single word statement.

    Below is a partial quote of one of my comments at Mr Vanderbeoghs. It happens to be what I considered the important point and the most relevant part of the comment.


    I don’t believe the common enemy needs our help, they have gained enough ground on their own.”

    The only person who understood what I was stating was one who “signs” off as “The Trainer”.

    Hell, I took all kinds of BS personal attacks and childish rants just for stating an “opinion” on the legalities involved in all of this horseshit. The childish, personal BS doesn’t phase me in the least, sticks and stones and all, but responses sinking to that level tend to lead one to think rather poorly of the author of the blog. It really shows the lack of honesty and any semblance of integrity of the authors “followers”, or the title applied to me, sycophants. For the “sin” of proffering an opinion differing from their wishes (based on professional knowledge from my wife, 30 plus years in IP), it was proclaimed that Mr Kerodin was/is “My Dear Leader” and I was deemed a “sycophant”.

    Yeah, good, honest people, and very intelligent readership over there.

    • FYI, Mr. Ford:
      I am one of MBV’s Threepers. I suggested the title of his blog to him. I’ve spent a lot of time both here and at Sam’s place being antagonistic towards both Bill and Sam before I realized much of what I wrote in response to Steve.

      So please don’t go and give me too much credit, OK? At best, I’m a reformed jerk.

      • Peter,

        Nothing wrong with anyone who claims to one of the III%. If you read my comments at MVB’s blog, I gave him “credit” for leading me down the right path.

        As to giving you credit, it takes an honest man to state what you did in the above comment. IMHO, the credit is well deserved. Hell, I was probably more of a jerk than you in “my other life”. Though I will state that I was never a communist, ex or otherwise.

        I was very much and have always been against a powerful .fedgov, but it never occurred to me to become a fricken commie or any other type of “statist”.

        To hell with them all who wish to hold power over others, lets win this and be done with all of the nonsense, forever. It need to end here and now.

  6. I forgot to say Thank You,

    Mr. Kerodin (Sam),

    I “think” when you stated your attempt to follow my “tone”, you were giving me Kudos of a good kind, correct me if I am wrong, please. 🙂

    I make the attempt to remain polite and civil, though I most certainly understand and frequently have the FU attitude in me. Most times I am able to keep this aimed properly at statists (liberals and such types). Not always, but I do have patience at times, I believe I may have actually demonstrated this behavior over at Mr. Vanderburgh’s blog, though at times it was very hard to keep up.

    You have remained civil for the most part, at least towards me. Though your above comment; “kerodin and kids” comes very close to crossing the line into what I like to call “childish rants and name calling”.

    Notice I did not call you a sycophant or make accusations of MVB being “your dear leader” for making that statement. I hope you see the difference in how people can actually have a disagreement (legal or otherwise) and still be able to have an honest discussion.

    Like I have already stated; fuck the divisive, egotistical bs and childish rants. Our enemies are laughing and have gained enough ground on us. We need to stop all the BS and we need to win, PERIOD!!!

    • Yep, it was a compliment. I am not well-built for politeness when people are screwing with me. 😉

      One final note on the trademark issue, which I am certain you already know – any company with a Mark MUST defend that mark when it is infringed, or they lose it under law. So, III Arms will defend it in every case in which a company uses it for profit motive.

      Stay safe.


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