Tom B.

In the below post I did not attach a link of Tom B. attacking Sam Kerodin by NAME. I have redacted the information. I am also apologizing as asked. I am including the statement I was asked to insert into the apology

I did not mean to insinuate that policing the community was Tom B’s responsibility, and that he did not attack anyone by name.  He also is not playing games and that he is not a hypocrite who should not be ashamed for his actions or inactions, but instead his criticisms have always  been about behaviors that he considers potentially destructive, rather than personal attacks.

I was also asked to include this…………………………….

An admission that Tom B, Is probably the most diligent
bridge-builder in the mix would be a nice touch also.

Patriots? or ???????? what has the community become, and those that support this.


I find it very interesting that there are those in the community that claim we need to protect the newbies, yet they turn a blind eye to those of the Vanderboegh supporters that push this kind of trash daily.

Redacted …… Justin Combs where are you? Dio where are you? Rusty where are you? China where are you? Marc where are you?Jamie where are you?   You all know this man is a public elected official that supports Vanderboegh, yet you all turn a blind eye all the while attacking Sam, shame on you hypocrites. Shame on you all!

Did we not learn from those caught red-handed playing footsie with the White Nationals? Justin? Crickets?

Let us take a close look at some of his wisdom, shall we?

“But these are not hate crimes.  They are not because they are committed by black animals on unsuspecting innocents.”

Black animals???? wtf?

“I am just waiting for four or five of these animals to get picked up in body bags.  Then a hundred, a thousand, or ten thousand more!  Call me a racist.”

Now he is calling out for the murder of black people by the thousands, as an elected public official, what the fuck? Are you serious? And this man is a Patriot and Vanderboegh insider…….

I ask yet again……………….

Redacted…… Justin Combs where are you? Dio where are you? Rusty where are you? China where are you? Marc where are you?Jamie where are you?   You all know this man is a public elected official that supports Vanderboegh, yet you all turn a blind eye all the while attacking Sam, shame on you hyprocrites. Shame on you all!

Dio you claim to have known this man for ten years, you stayed as a guest in his home, many have questions for you Dio.

Keep playing your games boys, you will continue to draw supporters like this one. Vanderboegh I would have thought you knew better.

Capture 12

Capture 123

Capture 1234

Is there a doctor in the house?


Here is the hit piece from the former commie:

Shall we take a look at a few wise words from the former communist?

There are a considerable number of Americans — well armed Americans — who will not obey any further restrictions on our God-given, natural and inalienable rights when it comes to firearms. If, as I believe, that number amounts to a mere three percent of American firearm owners, that means you’ll have to kill three million of us in a bloody civil war to achieve what you want. That doesn’t count all the tyrannical, gun-grabbing sonsabitches that we’ll be forced to kill in righteous self-defense before we meet our Maker, and you should know that we intend — and have the skills and the means — to make that more than a one-to-one ratio. The pile of bodies of the next American civil war that you unthinkingly advocate would be in the millions, and we’d almost certainly win anyway, simply because our will to live free is greater than yours to oppress us.

Please, do not extrapolate from your own cowardice. You think that if you convince the federal government to carry out your policy that we’ll just meekly submit, because you cannot conceive of resisting yourself. We, on the other hand, have principles that we are willing to die for. Unfortunately for some, that means we are willing to kill in defense of those principles as well.

Grits For Breakfast


If you are not reading Grits For Breakfast…….you are far behind the curve.

Law enforcement misconduct roundup

Grits has noticed a number of recent Texas misconduct cases involving representatives of the criminal justice system in recent days. Here are a few that caught my eye:

Corruption - Wake up



Hypocrisy Much?

“You criticize me for soliciting money through my blog subscriptions, yet you more than anybody know the limit of my finances.  I could not have accomplished a tenth of what I’ve done on Gunwalker without those extra resources, which, by the way, I have to pay taxes on.”

Mike Vanderboegh

And making money off of the community is sooooooooo wrong, right?

“In any case, although I made some wonderful new friends last weekend (and reacquainted with some old ones), I made just a fraction of the money I was hoping for, even though I received a couple of healthy subscription donations.  I did, however, have plenty of company among other vendors, so I guess it wasn’t my bad breath which put off the customers.”

Mike Vanderboegh

Who do you think this quote is from?

“They feel that I am hypocritical for taking government pennies

“I must admit that this question caused me a lot of heartache when I fell
ill and couldn’t return to work. I, too, felt that it was hypocritical.”

There is more MUCH MUCH more.

Weak Sauce?


The former roommate is lying, it should be obvious.

Now consider this from the comments section of WRSA:

Wombat | November 3, 2013 at 23:40 | Reply

I have the disheartening image in my head of Ciancia lying in his hospital bed under heavy sedation scrawling on a chalkboard (busted up mouth) with what little movement his cuffed hands allow and showing his legal advisor a message that reads “Seriously? Patriot groups are saying I’m a fake?” Ironically this may be one of the largest hurdles you lot have to get over. When the trickle over the top of the dam begins and rare events like this occur, the state media are going to fill the airwaves with pictures of women and children mourning the loss of their state sponsored dad/thug, employed to better oppress you, and you’re going to have to make an ugly choice between supporting a murderer or making excuses as to why you don’t.

Go read the entire comment thread, it will place things into context. Wombat is right! How has Sopsey handled this event? What about the Oath Keepers? After all………..”not one more inch”

Weak sause? No not really.

Duty With Honor…….. a fresh perspective


A fresh perspective:

Kerodin v. Vanderboegh – a newcomers observations

This week there has been a lot of back and forth within the III Community.  Specifically between Kerodin and Vanderboegh.  Being a relative new comer to the III community I find this dissension troubling.  Both make claims that they are standing up for Liberty and defending the Constitution against the threat from the current Marxist administration.  Both have an ‘axe to grind’ with the other for reasons I can only infer from comments and accusations made, bottom line is I don’t have the full story as I was not a party of it from the beginning.
“Here is what I can surmise from my research and readings:”

“Vanderboegh – attempted to get elected to some local/state/federal office (I don’t know which one) and lost.  He is a self-proclaimed ‘reformed’ communist party member (which to me is a big red flag).  He claims a fatal illness, although I don’t know what and can’t validate or invalidate.  He has advocated the physical attack on an office opposing his views in the past, again which one I do not know.  He repeatedly makes numerous allegations against Kerodin with no specifics or evidence to back up his claims.  He uses eloquent language to make himself more impressive and to intimidate those who would challenge him.  He makes grandiose statements and plans but apparently fails to follow through with any of them.  Takes all kinds of financial assistance from anyone who will offer it while failing to reciprocate it on any level.  I have also noticed that if comments are made contrary to his opinion on his blog those comments are ignored then most likely deleted as they are never published.”

“Kerodin – a convicted felon, is honest about it and makes no excuses about what happened and is willing explain the entire situation.  He has a raw nerve about anything Vanderboegh related.  Undoubtedly from the numerous inflammatory accusations made outright and implied toward him from Vanderboegh.  He has made big plans for the III community but has also taken steps to see those plans take shape.  He has enlisted others to be a part of those plans for their expertise to further the advancement of the III community.  I have seen comments that are contrary to his opinion published and refuted with facts on his blog.”

“Between these two men, neither of which I have met personally, I find myself willing to follow the leadership of Kerodin and pity Vanderboegh.  I have known many leaders in my life and I have seen others who claim to be leaders but in reality are only narcissistic individuals looking to stroke and feed their own egos.  From my research I have found Kerodin to be the former while Vanderboegh to be the latter.”

“There is no doubt that eventually this blog will reach Vanderboegh and I will be verbally attacked by either himself or one of the people that support him.  As I have stated from the beginning, these are my observations as a new member of the III community and this is the conclusions I have reached after doing my due diligence.  No doubt there is more to the story that I have missed and not aware but unless that information is monumentally enlightening I doubt my opinion will change.”