Duty With Honor…….. a fresh perspective


A fresh perspective:

Kerodin v. Vanderboegh – a newcomers observations

This week there has been a lot of back and forth within the III Community.  Specifically between Kerodin and Vanderboegh.  Being a relative new comer to the III community I find this dissension troubling.  Both make claims that they are standing up for Liberty and defending the Constitution against the threat from the current Marxist administration.  Both have an ‘axe to grind’ with the other for reasons I can only infer from comments and accusations made, bottom line is I don’t have the full story as I was not a party of it from the beginning.
“Here is what I can surmise from my research and readings:”

“Vanderboegh – attempted to get elected to some local/state/federal office (I don’t know which one) and lost.  He is a self-proclaimed ‘reformed’ communist party member (which to me is a big red flag).  He claims a fatal illness, although I don’t know what and can’t validate or invalidate.  He has advocated the physical attack on an office opposing his views in the past, again which one I do not know.  He repeatedly makes numerous allegations against Kerodin with no specifics or evidence to back up his claims.  He uses eloquent language to make himself more impressive and to intimidate those who would challenge him.  He makes grandiose statements and plans but apparently fails to follow through with any of them.  Takes all kinds of financial assistance from anyone who will offer it while failing to reciprocate it on any level.  I have also noticed that if comments are made contrary to his opinion on his blog those comments are ignored then most likely deleted as they are never published.”

“Kerodin – a convicted felon, is honest about it and makes no excuses about what happened and is willing explain the entire situation.  He has a raw nerve about anything Vanderboegh related.  Undoubtedly from the numerous inflammatory accusations made outright and implied toward him from Vanderboegh.  He has made big plans for the III community but has also taken steps to see those plans take shape.  He has enlisted others to be a part of those plans for their expertise to further the advancement of the III community.  I have seen comments that are contrary to his opinion published and refuted with facts on his blog.”

“Between these two men, neither of which I have met personally, I find myself willing to follow the leadership of Kerodin and pity Vanderboegh.  I have known many leaders in my life and I have seen others who claim to be leaders but in reality are only narcissistic individuals looking to stroke and feed their own egos.  From my research I have found Kerodin to be the former while Vanderboegh to be the latter.”

“There is no doubt that eventually this blog will reach Vanderboegh and I will be verbally attacked by either himself or one of the people that support him.  As I have stated from the beginning, these are my observations as a new member of the III community and this is the conclusions I have reached after doing my due diligence.  No doubt there is more to the story that I have missed and not aware but unless that information is monumentally enlightening I doubt my opinion will change.”


8 thoughts on “Duty With Honor…….. a fresh perspective

    • You need to read the ‘conversation’ between Wolf and another poster regarding this Blog.
      Wolf is NOT “Someone from the ‘outside looking in'”
      By his own admission, Wolf has skin in the game. He admits that he is one of the ‘founding members’ of III Arms. He is one of the ‘patriots that stepped up and invested’ in the snake oil deal.
      Therefore, his comments are biased and scewed to support K, and III Arms.
      The only comment I will make about the tiff regarding ‘ownership’ of “III”, is that I consider it tacky at best. It is like trying to trademark the Gadsden Flag, or trademarking “Molon Labe”
      K is in it for the money only and if you want to support him for that, then more power to y’all

      • Please tell anyone here how this is a “snake oil deal” when III Arms is producing results or just scurry right back under MVB’s rock with him.
        Josh R. III

        • Question. Has III Arms published/shared any financial records with “shareholders” since going into production?
          Had any “shareholder” meetings yet?
          Realized any return on your “investments yet?

  1. If I were working for the FED and I wanted to divide the III movement I would exploit this rift and make it into something larger. I would plant disinformation among the various factions and highten the tension in the hopes someone would comit an act of violence. I would take my playbook from the COINTELPRO program caried out in the 1960’s. I would attempt to infilitrate the community and create false persona’s on line that would try to inflame the division as much as possible. Wake up. Ladies kiss and make up before the .gov start playing tricks.

  2. SJCO,


    Im with See Sea on this one.

    I wish Vanderbough would just take his followers and go off and just do their own thing. We need to focus on taking care of own house and not worry about the asshole neighbor down the street.

    I’m sure their is some ‘Biblical Parable’ somewhere that talks about just that. I got my hands full of projects like helping some neighbors that just woke up and we are planning a run to the ‘Mormon Cannery’ to building a “trauma medical kit” to take to the shooting range with my other shooting gear just in case someone shoots themselves in the foot (how many of you take any emergency stuff to the shooting range?)
    I don’t want to play EMT’ just stabilize the idiot (victim) long enough so they don’t bleed out before the meat wagon shows up to haul them off.

    Moral of the story is, we got enough stuff to do already and bigger fish to fry, so I wish ‘Vanderbough’ and his followers would just go away and worry about their own houses and we worry about ours.

    • Moral of the story is, we got enough stuff to do already and bigger fish to fry, so I wish ‘Vanderbough’ and his followers would just go away and worry about their own houses and we worry about ours.

      Liberism even infects this community. Others always want to change the way you view things, want you to see it their way no matter how screwed up their way is.

  3. Incredible, I know it’s a dead horse beaten again and again.
    However, MVB has really shown his true colors with absolutely no question
    of his motives in his latest post.
    He is certainly working for those he claims he will not cede “one more inch” to.
    Without question, our enemies have ordered him to provoke a fight.
    Moreover, for someone who claims an unshakeable belief in an unavoidable fight
    with the dicatatorship destroying our Constitutional Republic one moment and, in the
    next, post tratiorus slander and encourage those same murderous thugs to take an
    interest in and act upon his comments.
    Is that how Patriots operate?
    A difference of opinion turns into shittalking and insults, which is then followed up by the shittalker cowardly advocating for his “enemies” to attack those he slanders.
    WTF, I am so fed up with this bullshit

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