Hypocrisy Much?

“You criticize me for soliciting money through my blog subscriptions, yet you more than anybody know the limit of my finances.  I could not have accomplished a tenth of what I’ve done on Gunwalker without those extra resources, which, by the way, I have to pay taxes on.”

Mike Vanderboegh

And making money off of the community is sooooooooo wrong, right?

“In any case, although I made some wonderful new friends last weekend (and reacquainted with some old ones), I made just a fraction of the money I was hoping for, even though I received a couple of healthy subscription donations.  I did, however, have plenty of company among other vendors, so I guess it wasn’t my bad breath which put off the customers.”

Mike Vanderboegh

Who do you think this quote is from?

“They feel that I am hypocritical for taking government pennies

“I must admit that this question caused me a lot of heartache when I fell
ill and couldn’t return to work. I, too, felt that it was hypocritical.”

There is more MUCH MUCH more.

3 thoughts on “Hellooooooooo

  1. Hypocrisy, idiocy, intellectual dishonesty and outright stupidity seem to be what is considered normal over there. That is as long as you agree with them.

    • Isn’t it interesting how quiet it has become over that site that routinely bashed Bill? Now it’s all “News & Analysis wearing big-boy pants”.

      F’n ‘tards.

  2. “In the desert I saw a creature, naked, bestial, who, squatting upon the ground, held his heart in his hands, and ate of it. I said, ‘Is it good, friend?’ ‘It is bitter — bitter,’ he answered, but I like it Because it is bitter, and because it is my heart.” ― Stephen Crane

    I almost feel pity. Almost.

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