Is there a doctor in the house?


Here is the hit piece from the former commie:

Shall we take a look at a few wise words from the former communist?

There are a considerable number of Americans — well armed Americans — who will not obey any further restrictions on our God-given, natural and inalienable rights when it comes to firearms. If, as I believe, that number amounts to a mere three percent of American firearm owners, that means you’ll have to kill three million of us in a bloody civil war to achieve what you want. That doesn’t count all the tyrannical, gun-grabbing sonsabitches that we’ll be forced to kill in righteous self-defense before we meet our Maker, and you should know that we intend — and have the skills and the means — to make that more than a one-to-one ratio. The pile of bodies of the next American civil war that you unthinkingly advocate would be in the millions, and we’d almost certainly win anyway, simply because our will to live free is greater than yours to oppress us.

Please, do not extrapolate from your own cowardice. You think that if you convince the federal government to carry out your policy that we’ll just meekly submit, because you cannot conceive of resisting yourself. We, on the other hand, have principles that we are willing to die for. Unfortunately for some, that means we are willing to kill in defense of those principles as well.

3 thoughts on “Is there a doctor in the house?

  1. I actually went by that place today.I wished I hadn’t the stink stays with ya for awhile.He had another K bashing with Pete from WRSA thrown in.Yawn

  2. It’s funny how that sick old man advocates the same things he thinks K is so bad for saying. We will all meet our end at one point. I just get the feeling he will be forgotten quickly after his.

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