Patriots? or ???????? what has the community become, and those that support this.


I find it very interesting that there are those in the community that claim we need to protect the newbies, yet they turn a blind eye to those of the Vanderboegh supporters that push this kind of trash daily.

Redacted …… Justin Combs where are you? Dio where are you? Rusty where are you? China where are you? Marc where are you?Jamie where are you?   You all know this man is a public elected official that supports Vanderboegh, yet you all turn a blind eye all the while attacking Sam, shame on you hypocrites. Shame on you all!

Did we not learn from those caught red-handed playing footsie with the White Nationals? Justin? Crickets?

Let us take a close look at some of his wisdom, shall we?

“But these are not hate crimes.  They are not because they are committed by black animals on unsuspecting innocents.”

Black animals???? wtf?

“I am just waiting for four or five of these animals to get picked up in body bags.  Then a hundred, a thousand, or ten thousand more!  Call me a racist.”

Now he is calling out for the murder of black people by the thousands, as an elected public official, what the fuck? Are you serious? And this man is a Patriot and Vanderboegh insider…….

I ask yet again……………….

Redacted…… Justin Combs where are you? Dio where are you? Rusty where are you? China where are you? Marc where are you?Jamie where are you?   You all know this man is a public elected official that supports Vanderboegh, yet you all turn a blind eye all the while attacking Sam, shame on you hyprocrites. Shame on you all!

Dio you claim to have known this man for ten years, you stayed as a guest in his home, many have questions for you Dio.

Keep playing your games boys, you will continue to draw supporters like this one. Vanderboegh I would have thought you knew better.

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16 thoughts on “Patriots? or ???????? what has the community become, and those that support this.

  1. SJCO,


    In regards to the sign that says “We want white tenants” etc.

    Last I looked. There are lots of off-white, light brown people running around. I don’t think many albino’s are looking into moving into an “all albino” trailer park.

    On a side note, I got a friend who did a tour in Iraq. He got out of the military, got a degree and is working on his masters degree.

    He is from Nicarugua and got his citizenship while on active duty.

    He earned it…..

    More than most Oathkeepers.

    One final thought. On Christian Science monitors website, they have a copy of the “Citizen test” that is given to prospective citizen’s
    I took the test and got a 92. The passing grade is 80 and the average is 86.

  2. Hi Bill,

    Here I am, thanks for the invitation.

    I understand your frustration with all of the rot we live in and around in what should have been the greatest civilization on the planet. And, if we choose, we could all exhaust our energies finding enemies and traitors or generic badness behind the frustrations of everyone else.

    However, in my mind, there is one enemy of mankind, and that is the urge to have government control people’s lives for the benefit of a few. Whether there is a small group of people who have built things this way, or whether it is a corruption distributed among several classes at once makes little difference.

    At the core: government bonds, which drive the masses to spend money they do not have, and which drive governments to forge chains around all our necks to ensure payment of those bonds, as the name implies. This force quite possibly led to the drafting of the Constitution as a document of centralized government power in order to ensure that those RevWarI debts would be paid to the benefit of a few who seem to always profit from the misery of all of us.

    I also believe that without that centralized government, local and state corruption and tyranny would be MUCH more difficult to maintain in the face of an armed citizenry. Indeed, most of the corruption we experience here in the South simply echoes the original carpet-bagger official theft of property (backed by central government force of arms) during Reconstruction, which itself was made possible by, once again, central government control backed by government debt.

    This then, is in my mind the schwerpunkt: detaching peoples’ brains from the psychic nipple of belief in that central government, including educating themselves about the origin and intent of this central power and the motivating debt principle behind it. Those who will join this schwerpunk will thrive and grow stronger in the fight against those forces, those who resist this schwerpunkt will continue to grow weaker, more frustrated and eventually be destroyed by this central power. Either way, those of us who remain standing will grow stronger in total, and will eventually overwhelm those powers as their deluded minions grow weaker and less capable.

    Accomplish this schwerpunkt, and everything else will sort itself out in short order.

    Are you truly worried about the possibility of corruption in a small town nowhere near you? If so, then help accomplish this schwerpunkt, and the locals there will then be free to judge their officials for themselves unfettered by the national jackboot standing watch over local jackboots. And they may find these officials worthy of their trust.

    Are you truly worried about Vanderboegh receiving government checks? Then help accomplish this schwerpunkt, and the locals who know him will decide whether he is worthy of assistance in his distress. And they may find him worthy of assistance.

    Are you truly worried about White Nationalists/Black Panthers/whomever gaining ground in the minds of frustrated and angry people? Then help accomplish this schwerpunkt, and let them succeed or fail on their own merits, and not because they are a convenient outlet for those frustrated at the government and are looking for the simple problem and simple answer of racism which hides the true enemy from their eyes.

    Are you truly worried about Oathkeepers being corrupt or merely incompetent? Then help accomplish this schwerpunkt and render the entire point of their existence (ostensibly to educate their membership to not back the worst possible infringements of that central power) moot.

    Are you truly worried that there might be agents provocateur behind every web posting or get-together or potential ally? Then help accomplish this schwerpunkt and render the entire point of their existence, and the potential damaging effects they might cause, moot as well.

    All things in this struggle have potential energy which we can harness and redirect toward this schwerpunkt. I count as potential allies any forces aligned in even the slightest direction toward this schwerpunkt, including fedgov ops themselves. I once told a man who warned me that many thought him an agent provocateur that “if you are, I will still use you to accomplish my objectives, and when the time comes and we have won, I will make your service known.”

    In short, don’t let your frustrations distract you, and thus allow you to become an engine of distraction for others, from this vital schwerpunkt: destroying the hold this central power has first on people’s minds.

    This is why you don’t see me banging the discord-of-the-day, or prying beneath every rock looking for the hidden decay. This is why I try, mostly silently and privately, to coach and encourage progress, individual as well as in groups, along ANY path which points, in net, toward this schwerpunkt.

    None of us are perfect, and some of are deliberately malevolent, and I myself have stumbled many times along this path, but as long as most of us make even little steps in the right direction most of the time, we will eventually get there together. And those who are genuinely malevolent or are working for that central power will be revealed by their own actions in time, or will turn and join us in this struggle.

    I am completely impressed by the work you have done with your personal preps, gardens, seeds and so on. And, your concept of local, local, local was right on the nose. Both of these aspects of your message are things we can all aspire to, and accomplish.

    Keep up the great work, and thank you for the invitation to comment about these important issues.

    Tom Baugh

    • Well said.
      TPTB will gladly sow the seeds of division eternally if the typical freefor response is to start chasing its own tail all day long.
      Half of the white power movement in your nation is made up of undercover agents and provocateurs from various agencies and most of the rest are probably snitches, making the whole thing a farce in the first place.
      If the author of the original piece is waiting for a freefor purge of everyone not towing his personal moral line he’s going to be waiting a bloody long time. At any rate, what the hell would be the point of a morally collectivist overthrow of a morally collectivist regime?

      • You are right, Wombat – very few Patriots will evict racists from their Tribes. Bill will. I have. People like Baugh who love playing footsie with the White Nationals to advance his various games will never stop trying to stir the shit – so in the end it always comes down to the same solution: Anyone who can not or will not respect Jefferson’s Rightful Liberty will be asked to leave, only one time with words. The second request will be a knife in the neck. Some idiots seem to think this is all an academic exercise. Some of us are flippin’ serious, and back up our mouths.

        Stay safe, and if you ever come to the States, dinner is on me.


        • It might be worthwhile to distinguish racists who choose to live as they wish, from racists who choose to have everyone else live as they wish. Big difference, the key being whether or not some guy–or group of guys–believe their righteousness is just cause for forcing others to go along.

          That’s the important principle, at least in a social context. The tyranny of some men over others must be eliminated, not idiocy. If all idiocy were gone, it might get awfully lonely, plus there would be a dearth of customers.

        • Cheers, although the way things are going I suspect my transfer from LAX would end up being to Gitmo rather than anywhere in the states.

        • I’m not having that problem with racists or folks that won’t respect Rightful Liberty in my tribe. Being here in California, racists (mostly against hispanics) is rampant and those that truly believe in Rightful Liberty are few.
          For that reason my tribe is pitifully small, but faithful to a fault. I will die for these few and I know they will for me.

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  4. You should ask Vanderboegh about his good buddy NSMDOC who is currently in the Slam.
    NSM =national socialist movenment AKA NAZIS AKA skin heads AKA racists.
    Vanderbouegh is a sham like the OKs are a bunch of white noise about nothing. The real patriots are the ones who sit quietly till pushed to the edge and then the anger can not be contained. Not a bunch of keyboard wanna bes. I can tell you when the shit hits the fan, you will see MV and the rest of his ilk cowering behind the couch.

  5. I agree with elements of both Sam and Tom. I serve on a loosely structured multi-tribe council in my area. We meet to share ideas, swap surplus equipment, stores, maintain a swap based seed bank, etc., and help each other define and meet educational and/or training goals. None of the tribes (there are five currently) tolerate any racism among their members, especially mine which is self-policing in this area since approximately 1/3 of the families are considered ethnic minorities by either skin color or ancestry. While I can guarantee that no one in my tribe willingly associates with racists (some are exposed to racists via employment) I am almost positive none of the other tribes tolerate free association with racists either. In this I’m in agreement with Sam – don’t allow racists either into or near the fringes of the tribe; go out of your way to not associate with them when ever, where ever possible – treat them as the non-entity collectivist scum they are as they are not interested in liberty but in establishing control over others based on race (or their concept of religion), replacing one fascist styled governance with a fascist style governance of their own.

    I agree with Tom in ignoring any such racist group that is not a threat to my tribe or tribes belonging to the loose council of tribes we associate with. While we have politely, but firmly, rebuffed any invitations to join them in training, social activities, civic protests, etc., we are not the morality police nor arbiters on how they should live and think so long as they are not a threat to us. How can we claim to be for liberty if we take it upon ourselves to tell others who are not a part of our tribe/s how they have to live or think? Wouldn’t that just be replacing the current corrupt governmental tyranny with a tyranny of our own design that we favor – how can that be declared supporting individual liberty and freedom of choice?

    • “Wouldn’t that just be replacing the current corrupt governmental tyranny with a tyranny of our own design…”

      Well done, David. Yes, it would be.

      The goal is not universal morality; it’s universal liberty. Reality will take care of filtering out the irrational.

  6. SJCO,


    Heres a new one for ya’–abc-news-topstories.html

    State Police gone wild. The mom was no help either, but the State police were a ‘little bit’ aggressive and that freaked out the mom and she panicked and took off. What got me was the State Trooper that fired three shots into a minivan filled with five kids (Hey Barney Fife, identify your target before you draw and fire)

    • Yes. They think the diversity crowd is all inclusive… except when you happen to be a white male who prefers the company of one’s own kind.

      Anyone claiming to have a “diverse” tribe is lying.

      Furthermore, they hate true freedom, as in freedom of association and freedom from association.

  7. Bill , I am still here off an on,no net some problems of my own. I don’t read Vanderboegh,and haven’t printed a thing against Kerodin! I didn’t know you had even posted this till today. I will research it and get back to ya!

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