Three Arms


Vanderboob is up to his shameful old tricks again……………………………..

I have been around the block or two, I have met many men just like Mikey. I would have to say his latest move was not his brightest, sadly justice will prevail and the owners of Three Arms will move on.

There is a pervasive evil amongst our ranks, we have all seen it. I rant and I rail about the duplicity in our community, this is quite simple.

“A trademark is a brand name.  A trademark or service mark includes any word,
name, symbol, device, or any combination, used or intended to be used to
identify and distinguish the goods/services of one seller or provider from those
of others, and to indicate the source of the goods/services.  Although federal
registration of a mark is not mandatory, it has several advantages, including
notice to the public of the registrant’s claim of ownership of the mark, legal
presumption of ownership nationwide, and exclusive right to use the mark on or
in connection with the goods/services listed in the registration.”


This will not be the first time in the history of America that some clown will get his pants sued off of him for Trade Mark Infringement, yet I must say they will probably be very deserving. This was not accident or a opsey……. I had to idea I am sorry. These actions are meant to HARM and destroy the hard work of many fine patriots.

There is no need to get into the nuances as to why Mikey is doing this…….. we all know why.

The Merry Leader has been at this game for what?………. 30 plus years? What has he actually accomplished other than keeping the community divided? His selfishness has retarded the community.

Many have asked…. and we still do. Mike who do you work for? We have all seen first hand how the community has grown in leaps and bounds in the last few years, this is why the Merry Leader is so ate up with poison. There are fine folks doing great things for the community.

I will offer this recent quote from the Dear Leader………………………….

  “Kerodin and his thug band need to get a life.  In any case, their conduct shows that it is money not principle that motivates them.”

I have to wonder if the Dear leader Feels the same about his compatriots over at Oath Keepers? Last time I checked………………………………….


No the dear Leader is confused once again. We could discuss the money the Dear Leader begs for on his site. Duplicity……………………

contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action; especially    :  the belying of one’s true intentions by deceptive words or action

I don’t think this latest move will politically work out the way the Dear Leader thinks it will. It has already backfired, Mikey has been greatly harmed by this. I would venture to say it could be a mortal wound.

I would like to discuss one last point, Three Arms has been cordial enough to ask yet again for Red Dot to cease prior to sicking the lawyers. This is very important, it demonstrates the quality of the folks who own Three Arms.

More Whoredome


COD to build second homeland security training facility on campus…….

“The 35,000-square-foot Homeland Security Training Institute, which COD hopes to complete by spring 2015, will be at the site of the college’s Open Campus Center west of Lambert Road in Glen Ellyn. It will be just a few hundred feet from the Homeland Security Education Center, which opened in October 2011”

“The facility will house four multiuse classrooms and four simulators for scenario-based training, as well as an underground shooting range for COD’s Suburban Law Enforcement Academy. The academy, at the college since 1994, is one of six in the state and has 49 recruits in a 12-week class.”

What say you……………………………………Liar Keepers?


Tarnished Badges


Oath Keeper Extraordinaire  “Mayor McCheese” is butt sore.

Welcome to Oath Keepers

“Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters who will fulfill the Oath we swore, with the support of like minded citizens who take an Oath to stand with us, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God. Our Oath is to the Constitution

I am confused, this should be rather rudimentary, is it not? You are going to vote YOUR way out of this mess? I really do not care who takes an exception to my perspective, there are many out there who happen to agree with me and others on this subject.

I personally would not place much stock into the opinion of a Mayor who has for years shit on our constitution.

Interstate 30 in Titus county at the winfield exit .8 miles   Winfield, Texas

Winfield has incorporated .8 miles of Interstate 30. The whole process is very disgusting. They might as well put up a toll booth and charge fees, at least that would be honest. They have the video running at all times so be careful what you say. The officers are young and jumpy. The judge and city attorney are in cohoots. You will not get a fair trial. The city attorney, a woman, is on some kind of medication, maybe legal, maybe not. Don’t have a pre-trial conference with her, a waste of time. Be ready for two trips, arraingment and trial. They will make an offer to make the ticket dissappear for about a $100.00. A few calls to MADD, 8 liquor stores in town, pop. 450, might help. Rumor is local residents get beer for teens.


The Winfield, Texas exit on I-30 west of Mt Plesant, TX   Winfield, Texas

Winfield has a very aggressive speed enforcement policy. They are known to specifically ticket out of state drivers. Truckers call it “the Winfield Truck Stop”. The offficers refuse to let you out of your vehicle to view the radar. They openly brag about out of state tickets and seizures. The State of Texas has them under investigation for deriving more than 30% of their revenue from traffic fines and seizures.

I-30 Winfield/Titus County   Winfield, Texas

LE in this town are absolutely ridiculous.  Pulled over for going over posted limit, despite going with the flow of traffic / no faster than anyone else. Cop was waiting underneath an overpass on the opposite site of the roadway with a Ka band radar.  Didn’t notice the cop until I hit the peak of the hill I was on–up until that point, he was invisible. He turned around, pursued me from afar for a few minutes, and then turned his lights on. Officer Derp can barely formulate complete sentences, and clearly didn’t get much farther than the 8th grade.  Because this city is such a boring sack of crap, a second charger pulls up behind this cop a few minutes later and does nothing. Immediately after my ticket is issued, he lights up another guy who is passing by. This town is looking to make money. They don’t give a damn about public safety.  Avoid at all costs.

More Oath Keeping from the Mayor McCheese………………………..

45 Year Old Rookie wrote:

Mt. Pleasant and Winfield, on I-30, are bad speed traps. Pittsburg, 10 miles south of Mt. Pleasant, is another.

More Here……………..

Oath Keepers? You decide……………………………… At a later date we WILL discuss the cronyism of hiring your friends for HIGHLY paid positions in Winfield, Texas.


Voting and such


I might jump around a tad bit today…….. I suppose self promotion is a good thing if you are in the business of being a Merry Leader, after all business is good these days and the cash register is ringing non stop. I did get a good belly laugh at the ” Insert Me here” to make it seem as if he was part of the story he was linking to.

Craig and I had a few minutes to discuss Merry Leaders over the weekend, seems the logic of Local, Local, Local is just that! I am well aware of the “Big Picture” So is the bullhorn guy, I suppose the mob bosses in the Patriot Community still have their hands out for their pittance, after all is owed to them………is it not?

I don’t claim to be the wise old owl in the room, same players, same game and the hands are still extended. No I am not in the mood this morning for sack kicking, I have a huge disdain for most folks…. awake or sleeping. I have written much in the regards to the human condition….. in one ear and out the other.

I stated in the past that the Liar Keepers are here for good, I honestly believe this. I also understand the coming transformations within the group will be very painful to many. A coup will take place in Oath Keepers, the hands guiding the helm will change…… force.

Yes I am aware many of the Oath Keepers do not like my politics, thing is I can’t wrap my mind around their version of an OATH, we must be living on two separate planets, or my dictionary was written by aliens. I am sure there are a few peace officers who live by the oath they took. What do I know? I will have to ask my three readers.

I do know that a few have been interviewed by the DHS, seems odd. I can’t really get into too much of the drama. I read something from Mayor McCheese recently that we were going to vote the scoundrels out of office soon……. imagine the look on my face?

Voting………..Can you see my smirk?

Oath Keepers………. Can you see my smirk?

Police deploy four sniper teams in downtown Keene NH for Pumpkin Fest




The rock continues to spin, doom has been placed on hiatus. I find it rather humorous that so many of the preppers raise alerts and make claims time and time again…. only to be wrong each and every time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not pretty out there, yet we are still a long ways from having to bring the Tomato Plants in.

For the moment I am more concerned with these types of actions………

This is not good……………..

I suppose if the lawyers and the politicians green light this, there are other ways of stopping it.



Jesus ET extrateterrestres alienigenas 1

I was approached recently, via e-mail. No reason to get into all the sordid facts. I am not the Baby Jesus………………………..Forgivess is not given by me, I am not into the church business. Go find yourself a priest and a psychiatry couch. Perhaps the two of you can work things out?

I am not one to hold grudges, yet be very assured I do not make the same mistake twice. The fact that the so-called apology came in a private e-mail…. showed very poor taste in my opinion. Your earlier actions to the community is between yourself and your god, do not try to drag me into your want of resurrection.

As far as the community goes……………………. don’t really care, we are all fit to do as we please. I was reminded in yet another private e-mail, the sordid actions and character assignations were carried out in PUBLIC for political gain and muse…………….Yet the so-called apologies were sent in private e-mails. I have to agree and scratch my head………


There was much talk of things such as this………………..

” I also want to tell you that I am apologizing for the prideful and arrogant
behavior that my false spirituality of the past year or two has led me into.”

I despise games, I also carry no favors to those AIMING FOR MY BACK. The attempts to harm the business I started. These same attempts also harm those in the community that the business was established for.

The sordid relationships with the White Nationals reminds me to keep a very firm distance, reality can be harsh and unforgiving. I do not stand as a sentry at the gates of the Kingdom. I am merely a mortal, a simple man………. with a very good memory and many inflicted wounds to my back.

Do not ever come to me in the future requesting forgiveness, there is none to be had. Not now and not in the future. If our paths were ever to cross in the future reindeer games………… I would not call my anticipated actions revenge. rather purging of the demons.


18 Days






Other than the Ghost Chili’s the garden was planted 18 days ago, all seed sewn directly into the earth. I am germinating the rest of the garden in the rack. Click on the pictures of the Ghost Chili’s, the bushes are loaded.

Feeling Irrelevant?


No I will not throw shit on the good men that went to DC, nor will I kick Vanderboob in the nutsack all day today……. Yet he deserves at least one good morning sack jolt. Shame on you Mike, that is all I will say. You are a petty, classless man! Go crawl back under your rock.



The Nye household would like to thank those Americans that traveled to the shit hole this past weekend. God Bless You All!

To those from our community……….Sam, CA, Allen, Matt, Miller, and of course anyone else I have missed. Thank You All! I can honestly say I saw the REAL Oath Keepers in action on Sunday. God Bless You All!

Edit: I forgot to add Jim Miller.



I placed the flats loaded with seed into the grow rack on Monday, in three days I have germination. I am germinating over (edit) 700 seedlings, it cost me less than a penny for the seed,. The retail value for the vegetable plants is around $400.00.

Shall we do the math on how much food these 400 seedlings will provide?

200 Cabbage plants, my average cabbage will weigh about 7-8  pounds. That would be about 1,500 pounds of cabbage. @ .92 per pound retail = $1,380.00

200 Broccoli plants, my average plant will yield about 2.5 pounds of Broccoli. That would be about 500 pounds of Broccoli. @ 1.74 per pound retail = $500.00

200 Cauliflower plants, my average plant will yield about 2.5 pounds of Cauliflower. That is about 500 pounds of Cauliflower. @ 1.26 per pound retail = $630.00

50 Tomato plants, my average plant will yield about 18 pounds of tomatoes. That is about 900 pounds of tomatoes. @ 3.16 per pound retail = $2,884.00

50 Red Cherry Pepper plants, my average plant will yield about 2.5 pounds of Peppers. That is around 125 pounds of Red Cherry Peppers. @ 2.51 per pound retail = $313.00

Pricing is Here:

Please keep in mind the prices I quoted…………..the Tomatos were the only item listed as Heirloom, all of my vegetable should be priced higher because they are Heirloom & Organic.

Total Retail Value of this crop after it is harvested: $5,707.00, these are ONLY the items I am germinating, it does not account for the seed I had sewn directly into the ground.

MY COST FOR THE SEED: Less than a penny. Get It? I hope so!

Total yield of the vegetables ( yes I am aware my figures are for a perfect season ) 3,525 POUNDS of Vegetables, please keep in mind this does not include everything else already growing in the garden. How many pounds of onions will I yield from almost 1,000 onions?

My neighbors run from me during harvest time, as soon as they see me driving down the dirt road the doors get bolted shut and the blinds get zipped down and the curtains get drawn. This is slowly changing, I am involved in helping multiple families plant and raise their own food this year. It really is a phenomenal feeling.

I can literally germinate and plant hundreds of thousands of pounds of vegetables for pennies.

There are almost 600,000 seeds in a five-pound sack of Cabbage seed. This would equate to 4,800,000 pounds of harvested cabbage. My cost per pound for the cabbage $.0000104. Get It? I hope so!

And the Rack cost me less than 300 bucks.


Life 101


Glenn Beck is making some very wild claims, I am not saying they are not true…………………..

Another very interesting thing caught my eye recently. Vanderboob takes Lew to the woodshed over Lew’s rather forthright take on the Liar Keepers. Not long after Vanderboob writes this……………………………………….

He’s No Mad Max — Cop gets caught acting like a thug.  (Wait, do I repeat myself?  And are we surprised yet?)

It really amazes me that so many of Che’s Kool Aid Drinkers are willing to turn a blind eye at the wheel barrel loads of duplicity that emerge from that shit hole. I have to wonder if that cop was a card-carrying member of the Liar Keepers? It would not surprise me.


I started my new gig this week, I did so for a few reasons. The seed business has been very successful, yet the profits are not enough to sustain my requires and desires. As the business grows this obviously will change. We mailed out seed packages to just under 1,000 customers…………………….in eight months.

Working a part-time job will allow me the flexibility to massage the business as needed, I will not need to sell my product cheaper ( sales) to pay my bills. I was able to get Health Insurance and a matching 401 K. I have the luxury to work part-time or full-time.

It’s seems rather odd that in the last seven years of my life I turned the tables on the Ponzi Scheme and worked for myself…………….Now I am in a position to hedge the system again by being employed. The Health Insurance is free……….. I will not be seen over at the exchanges. My grace period is only 30 days.

I will run my seed business and enjoy all of the great line itemized deductions and write-offs and use every damn Loop Hole in the tax code. While at the same time working part-time as an employee, receiving my free Health Insurance. Don’t forget I have claimed the maximum amount of dependents allowed on my W-2 & W-4 form.

Here is the criteria I used to fill out my W-4 form.

Based on the information you previously entered, your anticipated income tax for 2013 is $0. If your job is for part of the year, you may wish to investigate whether you meet the requirements for exemption from withholding (on the W-4).  If you do not change your withholding arrangement, your withholding for 2013 will approximately equal your tax, and any refund or balance due should be less than $25. Since you have no anticipated tax liability for 2013, you may be able to avoid unnecessary withholding. If you had a right to a refund of all Federal income tax withheld in 2012 because you had no tax liability for that year, then you may claim exemption from withholding by writing “EXEMPT” on line 7 of your  form s W-4.

Exempt……………………………………………………………………Because I have the write-offs and use the loop holes provided for me by Uncle Sugar. I spend the money that is typically allocated for Federal Tax Payments on business expenses and assets.

No I am not in fear of the IRS………………………. I have been AUDITED very heavily in the past 7 years, let me rephrase……………….I have been AUDITED  7 times in the past 7 years, only to receive a check from Uncle Sugar that I cash at my bank. Why? Because I am not breaking any laws, I am using the system as it is designed.

As I have stated in the past we are all Free Shit Army. I will give you one small example of one of the loop holes I used in the past, I have made mention of working the past seven years as an independent contractor in the construction arena, I had to commute to Houston daily. I was eligible to take the daily per diem for breakfast and lunch. This if I remember correctly was about 50.00 a day.

260 work days commuting to Houston x 50 bucks is a $13,000 adjustment to my Gross Income, this is just one example. This year I will get to write off items my CPA used to call Hobby Items, because I am now in the agriculture business. I grow vegetable gardens, there is a big expense to fertilizing and maintaining, also the cost of the seed. These items are placed in a Research and Development Category. Why?

This year because I sell Heirloom Garden Seed to my customers, I have to test the germination percentage to assure what I am buying from my vendors is germinating as stated, I must also grow new vegetable varieties for testing, I must assure the product is as stated prior to placing it on the market.

How do I fertilize my R&D test gardens? Why I feed the pigs, chickens and rabbits, I also have to bring in the compost, these are all legitimate write-offs. What about the Hoop House? Same goes………………………………….

OK you get the idea…………………..I do not improve my place because I am getting filthy rich from pimping garden seed, I make the improvements because I do not pay Federal Income Tax, the money does not go to Uncle Sugar………………It stays were it belongs……………………………………………..In my pocket!

My CPA has helped me stay out of trouble……………………………………..” Bill do not get GREEDY with the IRS”  And I don’t. So please withhold all the expertise on the criteria of having to show a profit. Because I do from time to time.


Requires & Desires


The path I chose differs from many….. I also started over a decade ago on my place, it has been a slow process. I paid for my improvements over the years as I could afford them. Money is still tight, I know… I know, the perception is I have gotten filthy rich pimping heirloom garden seed.

We all have enemies, mine want my seed business shut down. If you can purchase your Heirloom Garden Seed cheaper………………please do! Yet the problem at hand is my detractors refuse to provide links or phone numbers to the so-called cheaper avenues. Typical Cowardly Patriot Community Tactics.

Panties are all bunched up because Bill Nye is getting rich…………………… Of course if my detractors had any sense about them…………… They could do the rather rudimentary 4th grade math and tell the world just how rich I have gotten. But you see that is the problem, they refuse to do the math.

I have bitched and moaned for how long now in regards to how folks were getting ripped off? I did something about it, how many others can say the same? I exposed the exorbitant price points the seed pimps were charging, I offered the links to the whole sale companies and provided the true cost of the Heirloom Garden Seed.

The fact of the matter is……………….. my garden seed company is not going anywhere, it is solid, regardless of the runts that are actively trying to get me to quit. I have helped to reset the market, this goes on un-noticed.

For a few…… there is an epic shit storm coming. I warned them to leave me the fuck alone, this did not happen. Lies and propaganda taken from a page or two of vanderboobs play book, good for ya! Now you are about to view a few pages from Bill Nye’s play book, and it will not be pretty. Petty little men who have already made their own fortunes, are so worried of the hourly wage I collect selling affordable Heirloom garden seed to the community.

You will soon reap what you have sown………………..and some! I put my heart and soul into this little business, I offered fair prices and great service, two of the major components lacking with the big boys of the industry, yet a petty few could not stand to see a man helping the community……………………………….Ye shall reap what you have sown.

The storm clouds are forming dick heads, I hope you are ready. Many see the battles offered publicly, yet you are not afforded the battles that take place behind closed doors, It has been a struggle…………………… Do you think I am the only garden seed company that buys from my wholesaler?  Much pressure and shenanigans takes place behind closed doors. I do have competitors that have placed much pressure on my wholesaler, and it has not been easy. Like I said I reset the market, many are not happy with me.

Resetting the Heirloom Garden Seed Market has placed thousands of pounds of seed into the patriot / prepper community from my sales alone. Now think about the millions of dollars of sales my competitors have sold at reset price points. Now let me ask a question…………………….how much impact have my actions had?  How many folks benefitted from my actions?

The runts are barking up the wrong tree, instead of attacking the whores that are pimping overpriced garden seed, they chose to attack someone actively busting their ass for the good of the community, and doing it for an hourly wage to boot.

The problem at hand is the cowards of the community do not have the balls to go after the big boys, no they would rather hide in the dark and attack the weak link of the business. I have demonstrated in the past…………….I have a set of balls, and I have and continue to challenge the Big Boys!

In closing I would like to thank again all of the folks in the community that have supported and purchased from us! We will not be bullied! It has been a great season!

To the runts……………………..FUCK YOU! Get ready for the shit storm! Because it’s coming.

I have to wonder…………………. why were the runts not questioning seed prices prior to the start of my company?