The data does not lie, follow the list, what does the data mean? Things are getting better? Get tribe and get it quick, prepare and stock up. LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL. And do not let the dust ups in the community fool you, you still have a responsibility to your children and spouses, they will need shelter, food, and tribe, and a means of defending.

Take a gander at what happens to the data around the year 2008 to present……LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL. Praying would not hurt.



Many of Ahmedabad‘s buildings were set on fire during 2002 Gujarat violence

[11], Greece, Jan 11+15

[edit] 2010s

[edit] 2010

[edit] 2011

[edit] 2012

16 thoughts on “PREPARE

  1. We can’t be havin’ the herd sniffing the wind and start wondering what’s going on. Why… they might even begin to question whether or not they should start garnering their information from alternative media like those who think they’ve got some kinda rights or something!!! That would be akin to thinking there might be some pattern to the whitey beatdowns popping up like the gopher game at Chuck E. Cheese.

    Sorry Dio, my apologies. My frustration levels has overloaded my alligator ass. It’s about time to go dark.

  2. when will the nrext “it’s a hot time in the old town tonight”

    anytime sooner than later

    good blog Dio

  3. I was in LA durring the Watts riots. I was helping friends protecting their business. We were on the roof with rifles and shotguns. Actually shooting when they started to break the windows. All our shots were aimed at their legs and it was effective. The noise was so loud they didn’t even hear the shots. But when their friends fell and they saw the blood they ran. Shotguns with #7 birdshoot was verrrrrrry effective.
    Hell even the cops could care less.
    Papa Mike

  4. I am hate to say it but Pickdog is right. Shooting to wound ain’t gonna be on the agenda,they’re coming for blood. So make it theirs!


    • Col Cooper Rules.
      Never point a gun at something you aren’t willing to destroy.

      THAT is the damned truth. Wounding is not and should never be the intent if one is to ‘draw down’ on someone. If I shoot someone and only wound them, it should be a matter of luck on thier part, not on my skill at trying to do so.

  5. Look at the riots in the western world. Riots over cancelled rock concerts and ballgames. Some of the riots came because their team won.

    Imagine what they’ll do when the shelves are empty at their local grocer.


  6. Like I replied to Pickdog, it will be for real. There won’t be leg shots. That time was a long time ago. I know better now. I have the propper loads for the shotgun and they’re all deadly.
    I have prepped right.
    Papa Mike

  7. Yeah, got thousands of rounds, need more. Some of my weapons are slightly better supported than others, but what you have is never enough, really. “Hot time in the old town tonight”? Soon enough, unfortunately. Do I want it? No. Am I ready for it? *SIGH* Yes. Center mass.

    • No matter how many rounds you or I accumulate, it’ll be either way too many (you die right away) or not nearly enough (you don’t).

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