It’s Friday folks and time for a “Crack Heads Gone Wild” episode.

So Che decides to scrap his post on Buy a Gun Day, why? Well we all know why….. he got caught with his panties around his ankles yet again, and not one peep from Justin either.

Two peas in a pod if you ask me, I am glad the father and son have kissed and made up, Justin reminds me of a very young Che, it would only seem natural for birds of a feather to flock…….

For the first Crack Heads Gone Wild Friday…. the award goes to Sopsey and his new-found buddy Justin… congrats gents you two really do deserve the award. Perhaps Che should ask AP to help him finish his book, man what a sight that would be watching the two bicker over who wrote the damn book.

Speaking of books… is it completed?  I think ” Frat Boy Fridays” has a nicer ring to it. Regardless, I will be show casing the DUPLICITY that runs rampant in the community, what better day than on Fridays.


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