Now where the fuck is that bag of salt?

…and I DO keep score…

Point: III Arms.

Here’s more at the III Arms blog, follow Miller there and at the Facebook page.

Well f’n done to all involved.

Have a blast at Brock’s PatCon, and my thanks to the folks at CADD.

Not sure exactly when I’ll get to post again, so to all who have been posting and commenting at the III Arms and Citadel blogs, keep ’em coming! Even though Holly and I are in the middle of nowhere at the moment, and will spend the next few weeks on Citadel stuff, we do get to read the posts and comments, and they are great.


8 thoughts on “SALT THE WOUND

  1. Can’t argue against proof of production. I am amazed how fast those prototypes were built. Hope they perform well at Brock’s Patcon. Yep, that is some salt in the wound…

  2. Let’s see – it has been more than 36 hours since I posted my challenge to Mark, and in that time Folly posted that she was done with the 3% and Mark has posted that online “debates” are “…all in fun!”

    Not one peep to me in email, Mark? We know you’ve seen the challenge. We know you have my email address. You’ve sent plenty of them my way. No comments submitted to any of our blogs under your own name, or even one of your screen names accepting my offer? Did the internet break at your place?

    The man has been called out in the real world, and closes his pie hole.

    Is it any wonder Carol has been married 3 different times and she now has to settle for such an insignificant bit of pantywaste as Mark D. Firestone? They are perfect for one another.

    I suspect that when Mark and Carol are standing side by side all one would see is a pair of bitches, and only one of them has a vagina, and the other one doesn’t like vaginas…


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