Do you understand yet? This was back in 08. You do know who LON HORIUCHI is? It matters not that this is old news, what matters is the patriot establishment allowed it, where was the outrage?

Is H-S Precision still in business? Yep and stronger than ever, check out this quote from their web-site.

“The Pro-Series 2000 line of semi-custom bolt action rifles and pistols have    been called “the best firearms value on the market.” Many of H-S Precision’s    standard features can only be found as options on much higher priced firearms.    H-S Precision is also proud to be the first “off-the-shelf” rifle    selected for use by the FBI.”

Now why the fuck are these folks still in business? Oh yeah I forgot……….. USA…….. USA………. USA, come on folks chant with me USA…… USA……. USA. I am sick to my fucking gut right now, my limbs are literally shaking.

Better wise the fuck up folks and quick.

Time once again to take a stroll down memory lane…… sadly!!

9 thoughts on “GET IT? NO? I THOUGHT SO

  1. You see it all the time. They leave federal service for some cushy civilian job after they have the buffer time so their crimes can be forgotten.

    Some folks are kin to elephants and don’t forget shit.

    So the traitors and collaborators need to fucking remember that shit.

  2. I honestly don’t know why some patriot hasn’t rid the world of this vermin and sent him back to the pits of hell. Justice delayed is justice denied. It is wrong how today’s crop of militia patriots know nothing of the history of tyranny in the USA since before 9/11, and the hundreds, literally hundreds of people murdered by our out-of-control criminal federal government… and the criminals that it employs to harass us, eat out our substance, and ultimately kill us when other enforcement options don’t work. I have had my own family directly threatened by Fibbies, they are EXACTLY like Hitler’s nazi goons who preferred jobs over liberty, and who always unquestioningly follow orders, because “orders are orders and it’s all legal”. Nuremberg rules must apply, whether it is in the courts of law or in their absence… in the field from the rifle of a counter-sniper.

    • Because that would be like stomping one ant in one anthill. And what do you think it would gain the Boy Scout who got rid of him? A quick case of lead poisoning, maybe? If anyone is EVER going to do anything about all of this, first he (or they) would have to know who is at the top making the decision, giving the orders. That would be several layers. Then he’d have to know where they hang out, how they can be reached. Then there’s the matter of getting, and then there’s the matter of getting out – unless the shooter is willing to trade his own life for that one rat, and maybe a few of the dog pack that comes out after him. And that would do almost exactly ZERO good.

      There are so many of these people in their own little niches scattered all throughout the government, all little Caesars building their own little air-conditioned empires, and the Gods are over them, with the “”Elites” over THEM… and it almost never ends. This country is shot through with bureaucratic
      little empire builders, and there are agencies whose policies totally differ from the Constitution, and on and on and on. I have no idea HOW anyone would go about straightening this country out. The damned government is a total fraud to begin with! Where do you start??


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