Folks we are live, inventory is being ordered and stocked. The site is live, I still have a few initial items to add today. My Pay Pal account is up and running. I will add the price points and Pay Pal buttons this weekend.

The seed will arrive mid next week. I would appreciate any feed back you may have. I am still tweaking my price points, I am not quite sure if I should offer each variety in 1/4 pound 1/2 pound or 1 pound increments…. Thoughts?

Business e-mail:


  1. Thanks for what you are doing for the community, Bill. I anticipate ordering from you within the next few days. A friend and I are going to start gardening and canning our own vegetables this year. Looking forward to ordering from you. Best of luck.

    • Josh,
      You are very welcome… and thank you. What did you think of the selection? I will soon be adding more hard beans.

      Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed.

      • I haven’t had the chance to look through all of it yet. I’m just coming off a 12 hour shift and am half cross-eyed from lack of sleep. I am wanting to plant beans, corn, potatoes, and at least some cucumbers and tomatoes this spring. I will get to my PC in a few and give it a better look. So far though I gotta say I’m impressed. I hope you put every seed pimp out there outta fucking business.

    • Also, just a little feedback, I think 1/4 pound increments would be great. I plan on planting some seed and banking some for later so I’m not even really sure how much I would need. I’m a novice at gardening other than what little bit I helped with my grandpa’s garden growing up. I know it’s something I am determined to learn though and between myself, my wife and a couple buddies surely to god we can accomplish it.

  2. Great work. As soon as you are live and taking orders I’ll order.
    The Mortgage Lifter tomatoes are great, I’ve even had luck with them in my climate.
    If you can get access to Stupice (stoo-pech-key) tomatoes, King of the North bell peppers, and Painted Mountain Corn, I’ll buy them from you. Also I need a good chili pepper to dry to use in my tamale making.
    III to III
    Miss Violet

  3. Looking forward to the pricing. I told my wife about this start up and she was pleased to hear that the seed would be non-gmo and heirloom.

    Will definately be ordering, thanks.

  4. I second 1/4 sizes – heck, even 1/8 would be nice for my situation. I’d like to see kale but will order the collards if need be. Great work and very happy you’re doing this.

  5. I think 1/4 pound increments are perfect for most of us that grow in our backyards. I like the selection and I already sent you an e-mail with the list of what I want.

    I would also like to order the following if you had it available as I grow them every year:

    Smaller (shorter) variety of carrot like “Red Cored Chantenay” or “Little Fingers”
    Cherry tomatoes
    Bell Peppers
    Jalapeno peppers
    Serrano Chile
    Potatoes (preferably blue)
    Yams or sweet potatoes
    Red onions

    • P.S. I forgot to include the herbs we use at home all the time like:

      Italian Flat Leaf Parsley
      Sweet Basil

      I usually give all three of those their own plots as we use tremendous amounts of them in our cooking and salads.

      Thanks a bunch for doing this!

  6. at 1/4 or 1/2 pound man lighter seeds like carrots beets onions and lettuce is more then most backyard gardens need. (some lettuce types and onion seeds don’t last more then a year or two)

    at those weights it might be good for neighbours to share an order.


  7. That didn’t take long! I’ll post it as soon as you’re ready and I don’t think you need luck considering the comments already. I didn’t know that Miss V was the Queen Bee………:)

    • @ Brock, bawahaha, yes, I am! More on that later.

      General P. Malaise is right, some seed is only viable for a short time, even a season (parsnips), The quarter pound amounts would be good on those, well, maybe not parsnips, unless you were growing extra for livestock. But lettuce, you have to re seed so often during the summer if you want a steady supply so that might not be as bad. Maybe on those types of seed you could offer a choice on the size?

      Miss Violet

  8. Another vote for 1/4 pound increments.

    We were impressed with the heirloom / non-GMO stock as well.

    I will do my best to publicize your site around some of the local folks here in OK; get you some almost-local biz. Wishing you all the best of luck, sir!

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    • Queen I am uploading the prices right now…. give me just a few more hours and it will be complete, I did add the prices at the spice tab. Thanks!!!

        • Queen,

          Don’t be sorry….. I am having to revamp prices for the folks that do not want to buy bulk, I will have both sets of pricing up today,,,, of course because of shipping the best buy is in bulk.

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