I decided to take the leap and build my commercial website… it was not easy for a novice. It is almost complete and ready for the first release. I will make my first purchase from the wholesale seed company next week.

If all goes well we will be open for business sometime next week. I am looking for some feed back on pricing points. There are a few individuals that will get to see the site sometime today.

You will not find any flashing strobes, bullhorns claiming the world is ending or fancy wordsmithing on the value offered for 118 magic beans. Soothing and organic would be the best way to describe my site.

You will be given the opportunity to purchase non-gmo garden seed by the half pound and pound, al la carte offering of 22 varieties. You will be able to build your own garden seed collection based upon your own requirements. I will offer one bulk package.

The packaging will not be fancy, I will be shipping through the UPS. I built my commercial site to keep the overhead down. I had to draw from my own experiences over the past twenty years of buying garden seed from the local feed stores…. simple.

There will be no fancy labels or wordsmithing, yet we will offer as much information as possible, you will soon understand just how affordable bulk garden seed actually is. The bulk package is still in infancy in my head and I should have the details worked out today. I can ship up to 15 pound of seed for around 16 bucks, I will also be setting up a P.O. Box today for those folks that want to pay with a check.

The vegetable selections and varieties will change, the offering will increase as the demand requires, I will soon be adding a herb tab.

I had an interesting conversation last night in regards to my price points, it would seem there are those that are concerned about my low pricing, re-setting the market to damage those already in business is collateral damage…. this is a given. Perhaps greed and dishonesty should have been considerations of the past.

I will be buying the largest bulk offering from my selected vendor, I will not charge more per half pound or pound, I am offering my bulk price plus mark-up and shipping on all units offered, the unit cost is the same if you by eight ounces of carrot seed or if you purchase five pounds of carrot seed.

Some of the bulk garden seed is offered to me in either 50 pounds or 5 pounds, 1 pound and a very few in ounce increments, none the less I will be purchasing the largest bulk increment for all the garden seed I offer, and the savings will be passed back down to the end-user.

My wholesale cost on a 50 pound bag of vegetable X is $150.00 bucks, that’s $1.50 per pound, yet if I was to purchase the 5 pound or 1 pound bag of vegetable X my wholesale cost could be as much as $10.00 per pound, I am going to offer the same unit pricing on all units.

Other than shipping costs… packaging bags etc. will not be passed down to the end-user, those costs will be absorbed and be used to offset TAX. Yes I will need a few write-offs. There is no need to get greedy and pass this type of overhead off to the end-user.

I sure would appreciate any feed back or ideas that anyone may have. Now if there are items you may want that are not initially offered I can order them for you.





  1. I’m looking forward to seeing what the varieties are that you will be offering. I’ll fill in the holes in my seed plan accordingly. Glad you’re going to add herbs. Have you ever seen Richter’s Herbs catalog? It’s a Cunuck company, they have an outstanding selection of just about every herb, medicinal, food, dying, etc., but their customer service sucks and they are s.l.o.w., not to mention the shipping is usually more than the product. I would LOVE to have an alternative to ordering from them.
    Miss Violet

  2. P.S. Make sure that your mark-up is adequate to cover all of your time to do this (in addition to your other fixed costs).

    Your time=money too so don’t short change yourself…and thanks again for doing this!

  3. Dave,

    At some point and time yes, but the shipping will cost more. Please allow me some time to look into it.


  4. I am ready to place an order when you’re ready to ship. Does your supplier have any Pinkeye Purple Hull Peas? Those are fantastic with Beacon & Ham chunks. Looking forward to doing business with you.

  5. The site looks great, the prices are far, far below the “seed pimps” ripoff pricing, and the site offers so much more than any other seed selling website. As soon as it goes live, there will be a link on my blog. Great job Bill.

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