Blue Maiden Garden Seed Package


I was offered a spot on the bullhorn guys seed site, I declined the offer. You will notice prices have dramatically changed from the seed pimps. Yes I played a large role in the “Market Correction” And yes there are some very upset folks out there. I have affected profit margins.

I have a new Garden Seed package being offered “The Blue Maiden Garden Seed Package” Yes it is more expensive that the Patriot Garden Seed Package, that is because the varieties offered are more expensive. I have the same percentage of mark up in both packages.

It has been whispered that some will not buy my product because of my politics, a few have even tried to censor me by holding my business hostage. Are these types of behavior American?

I will not be Silenced, I will not be Censored….. A few weaklings in the community will not blackmail me …. holding my business over my head, freedom of speech?  In 6 short months I have all but changed the seed pimp business. Doubt me?

I have to ask those that are trying to censor me and those trying to blackmail me…. What Have You Done To Help The Community?

I even turned down the first purchase order from the bullhorn guy for tens of thousands of dollars…. mind you it was the FIRST P.O.

I have stayed the course, I did not let greed steer my path. Yet there will always be those in the peanut gallery that hide and snicker. Americans?

To those that have supported me, to those that helped get the word out, to those that purchased from me and continue to place orders. My humble Thank You!

To those individuals that threatened censorship and blackmail because I engage in The Right to Free Speech………….Shame on you!

22 thoughts on “Blue Maiden Garden Seed Package

  1. Anybody who won’t buy from you because of “politics” deserves to overpay and/or starve.

    I bought from you despite your lack of faith in Jesus Christ as the only begotten son of God. I pray someone talks to you about the Gospel of Christ, but you are offering a good value and frankly your politics need to be multiplied throughout the land if we have any chance of reclaiming it for the People.

    Hope to see you at your little Texas get-together

    • FC,

      Thank you for the kind words! Please do know I am a Christian, a back slider yes. I do harass the establishment…. this is a given! Yes I do have my issues with FAITH.

  2. Stay strong Bill. I’ll be picking up a Blue package shortly.

    Those that want to quiet you or stop you all together and still say they are for Liberty are the one who will show their true colors as a quisiling

  3. I say fuck’em and feed’em fish heads if they don’t like how you get down SJCO! “I will not be Silenced, I will not be Censored”.. FUCK YEAH. I don’t take too kindly to cowards and folks who use intimidation tactics. Most of the time they really don’t know who they are messing with until they get caught in a parking lot somewhere where nobody can hear their screams for help. It’s happened before. You have upset the profiteers man. People who rely on those profit rapings have hi-falutin debauched lifestyles to keep up, dontchaknow? I bought a few seeds from you with no issue and will continue to buy from you because you know how to treat and talk to people. Hell, we talked for almost an hour as complete strangers and that doesn’t happen anywhere anymore!! Let the haters do their job man, it’s what they do. Misery loves company. My daddy always told me if your name is in someone else’s mouth, you must be doing something right enough to get their attention. Keep on keepin’ on and please keep being YOU.

  4. I bought seed from you Bill and I don’t know anything too much about Mike V. or Oathkeepers or any damn thing else. I got a great price on a LOT of seeds and if that means stompin’ on dicks and bustin’ balls, well, screw the money grubbin’ bastards. Fuck ’em and leave ’em squealin’ from the feelin’.
    Capitalism, ain’t it a great thing?

  5. Well shit, looks like I’ll have to place another order on payday (for friends and family) to counter act the jack asses.

    • P.S. Could you put together a package of just those seeds with a longer shelf life in vacuum sealed Mylar bags that could be stored in the freezer for the long term? No one in my family (or my neighbors) are getting any seed and I know that I’ll have to cover for them and this would be a great way to do so.

      • Redleg
        The seed is now shipped in individual Mylar zip-lock bags. Vacuum sealing is a no-no. Garden seed is a living organism, it needs oxygen to survive. And the freezer is the best place for long term storage.

        • Thanks for the info on vacuum sealing. I was unaware of that.

          Any possibility of putting together a package of seeds with the longer shelf lives for those of us who want to buy for friends and family (who won’t buy for themselves)?

  6. SJCO,


    I got no problem with how you work your business. I got my seeds in the freezer now and I got those business cards you sealed up in that mylar (nice touch) to show to my friends and pass the word about your business.

    Every man (and Woman) is endowed by our creator with liberty and the choice of free will. If someone does not like what you do, they can shop elsewhere.

  7. Just placed my order for the seeds. If I promise to agree with your political beliefs will you include
    a picture of the Blue Maiden nekkid?

  8. I would buy from you , but I have been gardening for so many years that my own seed saved throughout the years is now in excess in excess of 600 pounds. Stored in 20mm ammo cans in a cool dry place with the tops opened enough for air circulation(Never buy any seed that has been vacuumed packed period, just like the rest of life on this planet. They need oxygen too).

    I have over 120 varieties of fruits and vegetable seed that are specific to my zone and soil conditions that I have grown over the years. I basically grow organically unless I do suffer from any type of pest infestation, which by the way are rare if you can grow the right plants with each other. As an example, my tomato crop has done just as good with very little loss to insect, weeds, or disease. All I have done is weed, feed(organic fertilizer), and water.

  9. Good deal!
    I was going to pull the trigger on the Blue Maiden package, then my wife and I got to studying it and we realized that we don’t eat many of the vegetables included in it.

    The Patriot Package suits us better. I went out of town for a week and half. Apparently, it rained much of the time I was gone, and now my garden is huge. How big are beets supposed to get before you harvest? Mine have taken on a life of their own.

    As for your politics? Screw ’em. If they don’t like it when someone loves their country, then they can go to a different country.

    Glad you hammered the seed pimps down, too. Doesn’t matter to me. They are still crooks at heart, and I will only buy in bulk from Jedediah Fisher.

    • Beets…. it’s up to the individual and what you are trying to do with them. I harvest when they are about twice the size of a golf ball.

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