Tom B.

In the below post I did not attach a link of Tom B. attacking Sam Kerodin by NAME. I have redacted the information. I am also apologizing as asked. I am including the statement I was asked to insert into the apology

I did not mean to insinuate that policing the community was Tom B’s responsibility, and that he did not attack anyone by name.  He also is not playing games and that he is not a hypocrite who should not be ashamed for his actions or inactions, but instead his criticisms have always  been about behaviors that he considers potentially destructive, rather than personal attacks.

I was also asked to include this…………………………….

An admission that Tom B, Is probably the most diligent
bridge-builder in the mix would be a nice touch also.

10 thoughts on “Tom B.

  1. Hi Bill,

    Thank you for this update, I appreciate it. I know in the heat of things we all sometimes say things we don’t mean or have things we say misconstrued. Happens to everyone from time to time.

    Again, great work with your preps and good luck with the seed business!


    • Yeah, I look at your site every friggin’ day just waiting for some awesome pics and words from you Bill….Hope your good, I know your gardens got to be good.
      Time to snow blow, see ya

  2. Bill, hope you’re doing well, you haven’t posted for a while(I know, I know, “no shit sherlock, I’ve been busy” lol)

    Seriously, put up some words when you can.

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