Yes I am aware it is Easter Sunday, it matters not because there is serious business that needs to be attended. I am going to present the cold hard facts, consideration should be given that the said person is highly medicated at the moment. This sadly provides a dual edge to the blade of the knife…. yes it cuts both ways.

I am only presenting the facts, I will allow you to draw your own conclusions, of course I am going to ask some very hard questions.

“Back in the Nineties, I had a very revealing conversation with Dennis Mahon, who assured me that when the time was right him and his kameraden of White Aryan Resistance could start a racial civil war with ease. Since I’m still in the hospital and I don’t have access to the tape of that phone call, I’ll have to give you my best recollection.”

I am quite sure the comment of “the tape of that phone call” was a slip of the tongue due to the pain medications, Che’s handlers need to step in and seize control, this does not and should not bode well with Che’s punch bowl crowd.

How many other WIRE TAPPED phone conversations does Che have? How many of you have been Wire Tapped recently by Che? 

Why would Che be Wire tapping and or taping phone conversations, the fact at hand is he admits to taping a phone conversation with a supposed White Aryan, who now is serving time in Federal Prison. “ Dennis is now in federal prison”

Che because he is doped up on pain meds, cannot control his want and need to brag, he has for the public record stated the phone call was taped.

Shall we now look at how the Feds convicted Dennis? They used wiretaps……. GET IT?

He pointed to the wiretaps the federal government had on the 61-year-old identical twins. “What I saw on those tapes was racist,” he said.

Read more:


“Despite a lack of forensic evidence tying two White supremacists brothers to a 2004 Scottsdale bombing, prosecutors say hundreds of hours of taped audio and video in which the brothers make reference to the bombing is enough to convict them.”

Read more:

Now we have this from Che back in January 2012:
” I myself had a chance to chat with Mahon on the phone during my John Doe Times period, when he assured me that I should be very afraid of Michael Brescia, Strassmeier’s roommate at Elohim City and the Aryan Republican Army bank robber who we embarrassed the FBI into arresting with a poster campaign.”
This from the John Doe Times linked above:
And this:
Is it far too much for the Punch Bowl drinkers to comprehend? And there is more much more. I would be very careful in regards to phone conversations with Che…… oh wait…. it’s TOO DAMN LATE.
Proximity to the events in the story, Get It?


  1. Boom.

    Do you folks understand, yet? Some get it, most will ignore and refuse to see what is right there, from the horse’s mouth. That’s ok – worms need food, too.

    The bigger picture should also serve as a training moment: Be very f’n careful who you trust, how much you trust, and with what you trust them to know. PatCom’s are great, but keep your head. The Feds are very practiced at infiltrating (which is obvious from Bill’s post) – in fact, they are so confident that they don’t even worry about details. They have many who will work for them for another slice of cheese, or for medical care, and these people will not hesitate to make things up if it helps thair case.

    So, when your gut whispers that something is wrong, listen to that whisper!

    This is NOT a game. There are people who want to send you to prison for what you think and believe, and they will do it if you give them a chance.

    Read that post again, and anytime you you have doubt.

    Damn good work, Bill.


  2. btw – not sure about Alabama, but here in Maryland if a person records a conversation on the sly, it is a serious felony.

    But LEO doesn’t prosecute people on their own team…


  3. I was taken back when I first read that over at MV’s site considering how readily he has thrown out the white supremacist label to discredit individuals. Where I come from you are known by the company you keep … so I guess the same label could be thrown his way by his own admission. Second, one citizen recording phone conversations of other citizens is very shady and admitting it on his website raises questions about exactly what this guy has been up to for the last twenty years. The only reason for a private citizen to record phone conversations is to build evidence that could become a ‘get out of jail free card.’ This just raises too many questions about who this guy really is and what his real agenda is.

    • I suspect the spin will be “I recorded the conversations to protect myself…”

      Let’s see what happens when the first guy at a PatCom is found wired “…to protect himself…”


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  5. BIll, Great Job!!!!

    We all need to maintain some security about ourselves, and as mentioned at the Patcom, what one says can be used against you, and probably taken completely out of context if it fits the notch they need. Remember, Weaver only sold them a shotgun, it takes little to make it small enough to become ‘illegal’. That whole snafu could have been avoided by judicious use of a camera and tape measure, And the fact that we, as citizens, have to consider such CYA shows just how malignant the disease is in this country. (Innocent until proven guilty my ass!! It now reads, Everyone is guilty until they can ‘prove’ their innocence and that alone proves guilt by default!) As I stated at the OVM PatCom, They will come at us obliquely EVERY TIME until they have to pull out the pitbulls and come at us directly. Using the likes of MV and other ‘snitches’ and rewarding them with immunity and other benefits only strengthens that above role of having to CYA from the get go.

  6. So…all you folks who have been chummy with MBV over the last 40+ years, how does it feel to know that every conversation you have had is probably recorded in some manner, sitting in his basement? Whether he’s ever handed that stuff up the food-chain doesn’t matter. It exists.

    How careless were you? Can you even remember everything you said?

    Sleep good tonight.

    I will.


  7. Check and mate! I caught that when I read that post at MV’s the other day, but I did miss putting 2 and 2 together on the guy being in the pen now. Excellent work Bill.

  8. Like Craig & Brock. I read it and didn’t connect it.

    Again, outstanding work Bill.

    With the use of software they can patch together multiple recordings at different times to make it appear that you were the leader of the Jesse James gang.


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