Shock Videos: New Black Panther Party Member Teaches ‘Black Survival’ Tactics With Guns and Machetes…to Kids
Posted on September 1, 2011 at 5:36pm by Madeleine Morgenstern Print »Email »
Comments (925)Disturbing new YouTube videos have surfaced allegedly showing notorious New Black Panther Party member King Samir Shabazz teaching “black survival” training to a small audience — with children sitting in the front row.

In each of the three videos, uploaded June 6, 2011, the man identified as Shabazz graphically demonstrates self-defense tactics using a variety of weapons, including a handgun, a machete and a baseball bat:

Shabazz first takes the audience through the basics of holding a weapon. Wearing black militant clothing and a red bandana, he crouches down and aims his gun.

“Know and understand everything around you is a weapon,” he says.

In the first self-defense demonstration, Shabazz mimes reading a newspaper while his assistant charges him. Shabazz ducks and extends his fist, giving a straight punch to the would-be attacker’s groin and knocks him down. He demonstrates several other types of blows, including to the knee and leg, and how to pivot and slam an attacker to the ground.

In the next demonstration, the would-be attacker charges Shabazz, who stops him by extending his foot into the attacker’s groin area while simultaneously pulls a gun and points it in his face.

Shabazz next holds the assistant by the throat and demonstrates how to choke off an assailant’s air supply.

“You’re cutting that wind off completely. Backing him up and put two in him,” Shabazz says, putting the gun in the assistant’s abdomen.

He demonstrates a variation of the move again.

“While you have him you may put two bullets in his legs,” he says. “I‘m going to make sure you don’t get up.” The assistant falls.

“Now, it’s your choice, you may finish off your load or you may go about your business,” Shabazz says.

Shabazz next demonstrates what to do when you’re the one placed in a choke hold.

“The first thing we don’t do?” Shabazz quizzes.

“Stay,” the audience, including the children, answer.

“Right,” he says, then steps back to his attacker’s side and demonstrates the open shot to either of his kneecaps.

“Be careful it isn’t your leg!” Shabazz cautions. “What I would do, in most cases, go right to the groin….You always want to make sure you are not in the way of your own line of fire.”

Shabazz then goes through the proper way of loading a gun, cautioning the audience never to play with a loaded weapon, while he himself waves one around, demonstrating what not to do.

“I am trained to deal with a loaded weapon,” he says.

The next set of scenarios deal with how to use a machete to defend against a baseball bat-wielding attacker. Shabazz and his assistant mime a bat and machete fight, and Shabazz locks his assistant in position.

“Now, I can either go for his fingers and cut his fingers straight off or I can go straight for his wrist,” he says.

Following through with the knife’s momentum in slow motion, Shabazz demonstrates how he can cut right through his attacker, then holds his head from behind, exposing his neck, and mimes decapitating him.

“And I can hold his head up high just like that,” he says triumphantly.

“Black power,” an audience member says.

At one point, a weapon is heard clattering to the floor and a small child appears to retrieve it and put it back on the stage.

After the second machete demonstration, an audience member comments, “Damn, you gotta do all that?”

“Overkill,” laughs another.

It’s also worth noting that in a separate video posted in May (where it’s unknown if kids were present), one month before the survival training, Shabazz addressed a group with a speech called “Exhuming of a Nation.” Among other statements, he declared, “F*** whitey‘s Mother’s Day.”

“I see black folks in here. I see no crackers in here today,” Shabazz said. “How do you feel?”

“Black power!” the audience answered.

“You love being black?”


“Do you love being black?”


“Will you die being black?”


“Will you kill to be black?”

“Yes! Black power!”

“Are you ready for black?”

“Black power!”


  1. “I am trained to deal with a loaded weapon,” he says.

    Too bad he didn’t shoot himself like the dump cop before. Posted.

  2. old will be new, the MSM’s will spin it ‘right’ so that there is no question whom the enemy is (IE, Us) and of course,the DOJ will side with anyone slightly mocha to complete night in color, with the Administrations approval.
    Any questons?
    Wait till the heat of summer kicks in, and the November elections are around the corner. All will be told then.

  3. I’ve opened up a spam can and transferred the contents to an ammo can. 440 rounds at the ready, and plenty more behind it. Not to mention my shotgun shell collection. Slugs, 00 buck, turkey loads…

  4. And never forget a twelve-year-old can kill you almost as easily as someone in their thirties. Even if they aren’t wearing black _pajamas_.

  5. In the big cities, it will be one horrendous blood bath at first. In the smaller ones, their match will be met much quicker. It is interesting to wake up one morning and realize that this race does not teach equality, but non-white supremacy.

  6. I hope they realize it will not be like Game 7 of the NBA Finals, or Katrina where things go relatively back to normal. Get some flatscreens and new nikes. They will be ripping the scab off of a world of hurt.

  7. shabazz still alive?

    for a government agent whom is half korean, he is only “haft black”

    oh “the good old days”

    he is a “proffessional agitator”

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